capsule summary of day-long workshop hosted at U. Sussex on 25 October 2007

speakers, topics and photo collage (below) along with audio recording of opening and conclusions

Pathways to Anthropology

A Workshop at Sussex University, 25 October 2007

Meeting Room 1 & 2, Third Floor, Bramber House Conference Centre

10.00 Welcome and introduction - Paul Basu & Simon Coleman, Sussex University

10.15 Delivering anthropology to a pre-university audience

Gemma Jones, Royal Anthropological Institute

10.40 Encountering anthropology: an exploratory study of degree ‘choice’ and early disciplinary socialisation

David Bennett, Cambridge University

11.05 A mole in school: life as an anthropologist and a teacher

Bonnie Vandesteeg, Havering Sixth Form College

-----------------11.30 Discussion and coffee break

12.00 Pre-university anthropology education in the USA

Guven Witteveen & Sally Booth, Education Committee, American Anthropological Association

Witteveen re: materials donated to the Pathways project(9'), His paper "Talking Trash with Teens" (24')

[Quicktime audio recording; download free Quicktime Player]

-----------------12.50 Discussion and lunch break

2.00 An Anthropology A-Level? Process and lessons learnt to date

Hilary Callan, Royal Anthropological Institute & Brian Street, Kings College, London

2.25 Anthropology and the International Baccalaureate: history, practices and future challenges

Marzia Balzani, Roehampton University

2.50 The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth anthropology summer school

Robin Wilson, Durham University

-----------------3.15 Discussion and coffee break

3.45 A critical anthropology for an inner city primary school

Paul Towell, Roger Ascham Primary School

4.10 Anthropology through objects: from ‘enskillment’ to ‘houses of learning’ with the early years and beyond

Stephanie Bunn, St Andrew’s University

4.35 Summing up and discussion - Bob Simpson, Durham University

Contacts: Paul Basu, dot-UK, or Simon Coleman, dot-UK

Selected excerpts from 'Lucy' ( weekly email digest and online 'blog):

SATURDAY 24TH NOVEMBER 2007- Voices from the Valleys

This afternoon I'm going to tune into BBC Radio Wales on the internet to listen to the first episode of Wales observed, a four part series drawing on the archives of the Mass Observations team, who have been documenting daily life in < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Britain for seventy years. The founders of Mass Observation aimed to provide an 'anthropology of ourselves' - and this programme kicks off with one woman's memories of life in West Cross in 1937. Also this week, Massobs researcher Tanya Evans will be speaking about her research into lone motherhood on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. You can listen into the programme here.


12.2008 A-Level Anthropology [copied text follows]

Throughout 2008, the RAI has been working closely with the AQA awarding body on the development of a GCE A level qualification in anthropology. The subject specification and course content are close to final, and await accreditation by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). If you are a teacher who is interested in being updated on the development of the A-level and joining in on discussions and piloting materials, please join our growing enthusiastic group of teachers. Email Nafisa at: education AT-symbol for more information.

List of actions items arising in the concluding remarks on 25 Oct.

this capsule prepared by Guven Witteveen, anthroview@gmail Dotcom