url list taken from film descriptions handout at 12/2005 annual meeting, American Anthropological Assoc.

Visual approaches to documentary stories

Sources for documentary & ethnographic films

-----online searching at (Asia), (int'l features) same name same name 

center for visual anthropology USC same name Documentary Educational Resources, docued@ First Run/Icarus Films, mailroom@ same name California Newsreel

The Royal Anthropological Institute's video sales link Third World Newsreel same name

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 writing a movie script - |
 Free Movie Screenplay-writing software download,
  A website dedicated to the Art of Low-Budget, Filmaking,
  Videomaker magazine is a great publication for the beginner and advanced video producer,
  Storyboard example.
  Famous documentary film-maker Ken Burns: his civil war feature.
  NPR and National Geographic Radio Expeditions

  Legal Guidelines... copyrighted music.
--including, Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.
  Examples of Lighting from TV and Film.
  Indie Films,,,,
--see also,

  Generic Talent Release form.
  Producting PSA.

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