1918 May 28



There seems to be a dearth of news as well as of letters at this station – some bloomin thing has gone wrong with my mail & since yours of 5/2/18 – nothing has come – perhaps it just seems long because I miss you & baby so much. & I sure do. Have been rearranging our room today. Chris Huth & I have a small stone floored room on the top floor of the chateau – he is a rotten “fixer” but a dandy chap (am very fond of him) so I sew up all the curtains & arrange everything to suit myself – also order the furniture built – we now have two tables, a wash stand & I have ordered two stools & a Xmas tree to hang things on – the man who owns said chateau objects to nails in the wall – but I found that no one could drive any in anyway as they are stone – with a thick layer of plaster – just thick enough to hold a thumb tack – so I have all of my pictures arranged on the wall before & beside me. I have stuck all of the pictures – so they are all before me at my desk – table sanctuary – or whatever else you choose to call it – Tomorrow Paul will attempt to photograph my ? what shall I call it! Meaning – present unit of existence. (The fact that our present mess is so junk makes us move the center from mass to sleeping quarters.)

All in all we are wonderfully located baring the owls & foxes who howl and hoot all night. (I mean hoot & howl) anyway – that gives me just that many more hours to think about & love you all & I do take advantage of each hour.

Paul & I are both very, very well – likewise busy – have lot a few pounds here – but will start eating food instead of slop.

P. & I are going to the village for some eggs, etc. tonight and now is the time – so good night dear – I love you, babe so much,


The little things you gave me – such as eating tools, cups, mirror, watch, sewing things, etc are a constant blessing –

I use ‘em all the time, J