1918 May 13

5/13/1915 - (on YMCA paper)


Went to a lovely little city not far from hear Sun. am at 5:30 & when I got back to camp in the afternoon found your dandy letter #2 dated April 15th & it made me very happy.

While in town yesterday I ran across something that I thought would like so I got it & mailed it to you today - I looked all over town for something for Baby dear. - but being Sunday there were but few shops open & so poor little kiddie will have to wait until I get to a real town. You can consider the package as a birthday present in case I don't have another opportunity to get one - & with it ? heaps & heaps of love.

Have not received my orders to move as yet - & a letter from GerGer [Paul Henderson] hands me hope that I will be ordered to his station instead of to the other place - I certainly hope so.

How is the Hinsdale deal going? Does he pay up promptly? Tell me how your finances are, also tell me if you received the mileage check I sent you from Des Moines Seventy something dollars - also whether or not you received my ring which I expressed from Camp Merritt.

Wait until you see me in my new style "over seas" ("Go te lie") hat. - it isn't bigger than a minute - just covers my bald spot - the style being to wear it over one eye - very "cocky" - I look like a monkey in it. -

There is some talk of changing the style of our uniform also - copying the English style - hope they do - as they are very comfortable.

Bless you dear heart - I am proud of the view you take of things - you are right - the Allies must win - & it is not an easy thing. Everyone must do everything in their power to help - & more and more you folks at home will realize the things that we over here can't tell you about. Keep on being cheerful - keep on plugging - that is what we all do - you would be amazed at the morale over here - we boost each other along over the lonely spots & everyone wears a "front" - it isn't easy - always - but it helps.

Will have a proxy executed as soon as possible - also I will try to get a permit which will allow you to purchase provisions & all sorts of stuff -from Quartermaster in Chicago. - your Dad can drive in once a month & buy Flour, sugar, canned goods of all kinds - potatoes & everything else - much cheaper than wholesale.

May see Mr. Strolin soon & if Julian Gillman is doing YMCA work I may see him also.

There isn't a thing I need that you can send me just now. - later I want some Home Runs - can't buy them over here.

Send me a list of your sizes - gloves, chest, etc. may be able to find something, stockings also.

Enjoyed the little note your mother wrote - give her my love always - these letters are family affairs you know (with your discretion)

Glad that Edith & Murph have patched up - give 'em my best. How is Al & Bride & everyone else?

Ticky Wicker's writing is improving - bless her dear heart - give her a great big hug & heaps of love for me & don't fail to send a lot of Kodack pictures of her.

I love you dear, Jack