Fosdick Cemetery

Fosdick, Mason, Keesee Cemetery

East of Blackwater Road
South of Hwy 24
Evington, Virginia

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Located on private property one driveway south of Jesee Keesee's Garage.


  • William Hudson Mason - Headstone

  • Rebecca Fosdick Mason

  • Cary Mason Keesee

  • Catherine Johnson

  • William H.H. Johnson - Headstone

  • Van Fosdick

  • 2 baby girls - daughters of Dove mason (1 infant, 1 one years old

  • 4 babies - children of the Speece family

Information provided by Leota Keesee Greaves - the daughter of Cary Mason Keesee

In a follow-up visit I confirmed that the two tombstones are switched.

I was told that the woman of the house did not want to see them from her window so they were stored in the barn. When they were eventually placed they were accidently switched.


Mike Keesee -


This property was originally owned by William Fosdick.

This cemetery is east of the Mansion House. One of the chimneys is still standing.

When William Fosdick died in 1839 the property was divided between his grandson from his first marriage and

his third wife, Mary Johnson and her two small children (James Fosdick and Rebecca Fosdick) with a half acre for a meeting house.

Mary Johnson had a third child Levi Van Buren Fosdick (about 1840-1858) born after William had died.

Mary Johnson Fosdick then married William Kidd on 08 Feb. 1843. James M. Johnson was the surety.

They raised the Fosdick children and had children of their own.

Rebecca Fosdick married William Hudson Mason and they had 4 girls (Celia, Lucy, Carie, A. Ehrie)

Carie Mason married John Thomas Keesee and they had 4 children (Leota, John, Walter, Virginia)

James Morton Johnson was Mary Johnson's brother - He was the surety for Mary's 2nd marriage to Wm Kidd and purchased many items at the Fosdick auction.

James M Johnson (1811 - 25 April 1881) married Martha P. (Penelope) Logwood and they had four children:

      • Rebecca (b 1835

      • William H.H. Johnson (b Dec 1842 - died after 1926)

      • Elizabeth Catherine Johnson = ? Mayer before 1900 (b June 1845 - died after 1910)

      • Moorefield (b about 1848 - died by 1860)

William and Catherine are buried here