1918 April 10


Dearest ones,

I am supposed to be writing a long worded treatise on a certain subject – but I’m cheating – am seated in a vast warehouse which is colder than blue blazes – am all bundled up & have on one glove. This school is very interesting.

We moved from the Chateau (Morgue) yesterday & our new quarters are fine – we have stove & electric lights – very comfortable – also at 5:30 am a good band marches up and down in front of our room & plays something stirring to wake us up – gay lift! But it is a long walk from where we live to where we work & the mud is ankle deep.

Something must be wrong with my mail – all the other fellows get letters every day – but I haven’t had one – well when they do start I will have a nice bundle I know.

All the wild tales about being unable to buy stuff over here are jokes – I can but nearly everything I bought in the States & save 25 to 50% on each article – They have whipcord clothes tailor made for 300 Francs ($60) that would cost $100 at home. Sam Brown belts for $7.50 – much better than mine. Smoking tobacco 3 (cents) cheaper than at home. But paper is very high – 2 Francs (40 cents) for a small tablet. No Home runs – but I have enough to last a long time. I hear that you cannot ship packages over – just a well – as I have more stuff than I can use now. I’m saving money – simply cannot spend any – well I do go on a bat last night & bought 6 Francs worth of candy at the YMCA!! We have good movies at this Depot at the “Y” & frequently entertainers from Paris – Elsie Janis will be here next week. It is too far to town & anyway – there is nothing there – just a village & nearest city is 20 miles & we are not permitted to ride on the RR unless on official biz. & have a permit – No one can ride unless on military biz.

I am afraid that I am going to lose my bunker – Abry – he is a nice kid – 29 yrs old – 6 ft 1 – wht 200 – has two little girls – 2 & 4 & lives on a farm in Maryland – we have lots of pleasure bragging about our daughters.

Do you remember the Adventure I bought in the Depot at Wash(ington)? Weil – I still lug it around & haven’t read a single line in it – don’t have time – the only reading I do is in Army Regulations when some point comes up.

We have had no trouble about washing so far – there is always someone who can do it. Coming over on the ship – a Steward washed for me & charged 40 cents for pajamas and Union suits (each) – 30 cents for shirts & 5 cents for hankers – he is saving up to buy a ship of his own I guess. The woman at the Chateau had my washing now.

My watch keeps splendid time & never fools me – every time I look at it is a pleasure - & my blankets are Bully!. I don’t use sheets & the little comforter & blankets keep me very “comfy” at night – the socks & sweater by day.

Am going to try and get a cable off to you somehow – there is nothing here but a Job wire and we cannot use that – I must find a French wire – but may have to wait some time – anyway honey – I am sending you little heart wire letters all the time & little mind ones too –

I love you and baby dear & you are both in my thoughts all the time. Must get on with my job now or I will never get finished – I love you xxxx Jack