1918 May 1


Dear Daddy, Bill & all,

Before I forget it, I just weighed myself, in light clothes - & tipped the beam at 150 ¼ lbs!!! All my uniforms are much too tight - & after a meal it is necessary to go somewhere & loosen up buttons, belts, etc.

Have been very busy here attending school – the work is very interesting & sooner or later I hope to graduate. Completed our course last week & commenced another one Mon. last. Bill – you would make a big hit in my present work – it is complicated as the duce to me but you would get it readily – no – it isn’t autos.

This is a wonderful place – the scenery has it “on” any I have ever seen. – hills all over – trout streams tearing along here & there – big forests of pines all around & a dozen little towns within walking distance. Last Sun. I hooked a bicycle & rode all around – it was bully – but my “sitter” suffered.

Had a letter from Paul [Henderson] last week – he is on the British Front – am anxious to see him & probably will very soon – he is darn near as lonesome as I am, I guess - & that is going some. I haven’t heard a word from anyone since March 11th – It is my fault for not knowing my address before sailing.

[Written while taking ordinance training at Camp Williams near Is-sur-Tille, Burgundy France]