1918 April 21

Sunday April 21, 1918


Right this minute I feel like a "Pluts" - am full of dinner - & have just had my hair cut - the barber just left - oh yes, he came to my quarters - pulled up two trunks, put my chair on top & then trimmed me - the last cut I had was in NY the day I called you up - so you may judge that I needed attention.

This has been another rotten day - rain, rain, rain - all the time - however- I had plenty to do indoors writing up my report - an exam, in other words which I have to submit to the C.O. when my course is finished - Tuesday. It has been very interesting - but writing 18 or 20 pages of difficult stuff (fools cap) is no cinch for me - there is another course going on here & I hope that they will let me take it - I want to stay in the place - it is lovely - & there are lots of other places not so nice. This is absolutely country with trees, creeks, rivers, hills, etc & the air is wonderful - also it is cheap & I can save money.

Had a shock this a.m. - last night I took a bath & this a.m. decided to knock 'em all dead with my new uniform!! (the one I got in Wash.) - well I did manage to squeeze into it - but after breakfast I had to take off the coat & unbutton the pants - which are three inches too small around the waist!! & the coat collar is just like a vise - my eyes near popped out. My whipcord is so tight I can hardly breathe - wouldn't that jar you? I weigh 140 in light clothes & no overcoat! & I eat like a pig!

Friday night at the "Y" - an American Co. from N.Y. presented "Baby Mine" - It was great! Of course there was not scenery - but that made no difference - also we had a band concert - & I want to say that it was "some band!" more than 50 pieces & they are bully.

A friend of mine who has been to the front told me about a show he attended in a town that was being shelled - the place was crowded & a man was singing when a whopping big shell came through the roof & plumped right through the footlights - the singe kept right on singing & make a face at the hole in the stage !!! Those birds don't think as much about shell fire as I do about rain.

Had a letter from Paul a few days ago - he is with the British somewhere - said that he had received a cable from Mabel saying that they wee O.K. when you writhe her give them my best

Have just made a little sketch of my room - you can stand it up & imagine you are right in it. - You can see into all adjoining rooms through the cracks & no one in the building has a secret from his neighbor - there are about 40 officers quartered in this building two to a room - only I am alone. The S.E. wall is the outside one - & that is brick for 3 ft from floor. I only have one stove - but it is right in the corner so I had to draw it twice.

Mon am.

The lights went out & I had to stop & go to bed in the dark. Still raining this a.m. & very cold.

Had a letter from a young French officer friend of mine is a.m. He has been decorated four times - is 23 years old & a peach of a kid - will send the letter to you in a few days after I answer it.Hope that I get a letter from you soon - it is hard/lugging not to hear.

Must go to work now.

Tried to get something for Baby Sat. night but couldn't. - Gee how I do miss you both & love you, love you, love you!! I do Jack