1918 June 1

June 1st, 1918 (written on fancy blue paper)


Tres bon papiers – bought is for Ger Ger yesterday while on a shopping tour with our new mess officer.

We bought dishes, table clothes, napkins, curtains, tools to eat with, & this am we had our first real meal with ham and eggs!! Also some butter that didn’t come from the States in a can. We also had cows cream – but it was dour darn it.

The French for egg is “Oeuf” & it is pronounced somewhere between “Erf” & Uff” – well, we have a Georgia (negro) who makes beds and waits on table & he always calls eggs “them uffs” so we all do also.

His name is J.P. “that's all der is to it” as he says so we call him J.P & he keeps us all laughing most of the time with his quaint sayings.

Yesterday we had our regular weekly bath in town – also - I bought there suits of summer underwear from the Q.M. for $1.95!!! peaches at that – then we had a regular feed at the Hotel & then came out in our limousine which is a three legged ford delivery wagon shy one fender & with numerous places which cause perfect ventilation through it – however we are very proud of our “Henry” & very thankful to have it.

Talked to Alfred over the wire this AM – he & his wife are both well & happy & he wanted to know all about you & also to be remembered to your.

Hope that you are having as wonderful weather as we are the past two weeks have been marvels – up to that time I thought that the term “Sunny France” was supposed to be a joke – rain, rain, rain & more mud that you ever dreamed of –

Had some pictures taken today – hope that they are good – the one that is stuck in my ? ? makes me look like a murderer or some such thing. We’ll send you some when the prints come in.

Wowie! The mail just arrived & I drew three letters!!! Dates May 5th, 7th, & 9th – also Mabels letter to you. I got letters.

Gosh but I am happy!! The pictures are pretty good. What a lot of hair she has! Bully – doesn’t she enjoy it though?

Well, well, well, - my gosh – all exited just like a birthday party or something. A letter from you excites me much more than just marring you did. – Oh Lord yes it is a Whale of an event. Poor old Paul didn’t get a letter & he is blue as blazes.

Find out about Happy & what branch he is in. Can’t stop to write any more today – must read my letters some more – so bye bye honey – I love you heaps & heaps

I am very happy today, I do Jack