The Donation Process

  1. Alberta Fire Aid will receive items from corporations and municipalities on an open ended basis.
    1. To donate equipment to AFA please email us or fill out the form located here: Donate to Alberta Fire Aid
  2. The AFA realizes that dispersal of items is a time consuming process and may involve logistical legal and or purchasing issues on the end of the sponsor.
    1. The AFA will therefore accept any items on a no questions asked basis, there by simplifying the donation process.
  3. Once received, these goods will undergo a review process to determine if they are suitable to have a continued existence in the Fire Service.
    1. Items that are determined to be suitable for re-purposing, will be placed into inventory.
  4. Items will be cleaned as required, closely inventoried and placed into storage.
  5. The items will then be listed on our inventory which will be emailed out to our mailing list.
  6. Departments & associations can then request items that they feel they can utilize.
  7. The items will then be transferred to the departments after an agreement is signed and administrative fee paid.
  8. A waiver will be required as well and can be found here: Waiver
  9. Agreements will be created to outline the responsibilities of the receiving department.
    1. The AFA is designed to help and support fire departments and will make every attempt to ensure that equipment that is donated is intended to be used safely and appropriately.
  10. Optionally, feedback will be given to the donor as to the outcome of their donation.

For donation requests please see this page: Available Donated Equipment/Gear

Non Serviceable items

  1. Items that are received by the AFA that are not serviceable or safe for use in the fire service will be set aside for disposal or further dispersal or disposal.
  2. Items will not be dispersed, sold or destroyed without the original donors’ consent.