Our Vision

Alberta Fire Aid was developed after witnessing first hand many fire departments in Alberta who are getting by with the bare minimums or often with below standard equipment and clothing.

While most departments generally meet OH&S standards, many departments are left unable to obtain items that they need to assist their communities or could use to improve firefighter safety. Some of this equipment that the departments currently operate with are out of date or are past their service lives. Departments are often forced to “make-do” with antiquated or insufficient equipment or gear.

Additionally, Junior Fire Fighters and limited duty members require equipment and PPE that is often not covered by department’s operating budgets. Being “Cold Zone” members, these members can utilize gear that does not need to be structurally rated such as coveralls or other types of clothing.

Our primary mission and hope is that Alberta Fire Aid can provide a functional and useful second life for equipment and PPE in the fire service here in Alberta. Secondarily, when possible, we hope to assist other organizations in finding homes for equipment across Canada and the World. We hope to act as a facilitator and resource for corporations or municipalities by giving them a place to disperse & donate equipment that they are no longer using.

Alberta Fire Aid is a 100% not for profit organization. All of the AFA members are volunteers and donate their time to the Society.