Equipment & Turnout Gear

1 - Donation Request Form can be found here: Donation Request Form

      • Please submit one request per department or orginization.
      • Release forms will be sent to you after your request (if applicable) or you will be contacted to follow up on the request.

Waiting List

Please see this link for the most up to date waiting list for gear that is not in stock:

Equipment inventory list can be obtained on request from AFA. Please email us.

  • AFA does not have any apparatus in stock however we do accept requests for apparatus for our "watch list"

Request Form

*Note. We accept sizes in two ways - Please see "Sizing Info" tab for more info & the sizing form.:

  • Individual Measured Sizes
  • Bulk Sizes (example: 5 sets of gear - 4 size 46 chest, 1 size 44 chest, 5 size 38 waist.)

For large requests (over 5 sets), we recommend that departments order a sizing set of available sizes to begin with. This way, firefighters can try on a variety of sizes to check for fit and length.

Please followup via email should you have any questions.

Turnout Gear Currently In Stock (will be verified on request):





Please contact AFA prior to your request for info on sizes not listed above

Common Back-ordered/Wait-list Sizes


We Occasionally see sizes: 38/40/48/

We Occasionally see sizes and often back-ordered: 50/52


  • We Occasionally see sizes and often back-ordered: 42/44
  • We Rarely See sizes: 46/48

Donated Equipment Request Guidelines:

Not for profit departments, municipalities, associations, & First Nations and may request gear or equipment. The process requires release documents to be signed by members of the organization with "signing authority" Individuals requesting gear or equipment must do so with the approval and signature of their organization.

Individuals may request gear, however they must have their host department fire chief sign off on the release documents.

While equipment listed in our inventory is generally available on a first come first serve basis, Alberta Fire Aid reserves the right to conduct a needs analysis prior to distribution of goods on a case by case basis.

All donation requests will be reviewed by our membership prior to distribution.

A signed waiver and recipient agreement will be required to be completed for each set of donations.

At the 2019 AGM, the membership determined that due to supply/demand forecast, a limit of 25 sets per department will be implemented from Jan 2019 onward - (total of individual or combined requests). Consideration of requests beyond this will be done on a case by case basis and decided by the membership.

Administrative, Shipping & Credit Card fees:

These fees help us operate to ensure that we are able to continue to provide this service to departments across Canada. This is to cover the costs of storage, gear transport, gear pickup, fuel, inventory supplies, and other society expenses.

  • Please note that the Alberta Fire Aid Society reserves the right to adjust the administrative fees on a case by case basis.
  • These fees range from 0-50% of appraised value.

Organization Type & Administrative Fee Schedule:

  • Please note that the Alberta Fire Aid Society reserves the right to adjust the administrative fees on a case by case basis.
  • For details on "administrative fees", please contact us.
  • Alberta Fire Aid determines administrative fee percentage based on organization type.

"Non profit" Entities such as firefighter associations, municipalities, fire departments:

  • Requests will be subject to a very small administrative fee to help us cover our costs.

Entities such as contract service providers, businesses, corporations, companies, etc,

  • Requests from these organizations will be reviewed by membership on a case-by-case basis. AFA's mission is to serve not for profit organizations & departments.

Credit Card Payments:

  • Credit card transactions will incur an additional 5% of the invoiced amount to cover credit card processing costs.

Shipping (Western Canada):

  • Shipping is via Canada Post and is $30 for the first set and $15 for each set thereafter. (Max 5 to a box):

Appraised Value:

"Appraised value" of a "Set" of turnout gear with expiry within 10 years of date of manufacture vairys depending on the amount of service life remaining. A set consists of turnout jacket and turnout pants ONLY.

Alberta Fire Aids administrative fee is only a percentage of this value. Please submit a request using our online form to receive a formal quote for this fee.

Appraised value for other items is conducted on a item by item basis. We attempt to use the most reasonable market value that we can ascertain for the piece of equipment or gear that is in our inventory.

Please contact us at with any questions.