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This site is created primarily to serve as a learning and sharing site. 

This section is intended to serve as knowledge base for all Lean Implementers.  We shall continue to add more references as and when we come across.

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5S 5S Lean Manufacturing System 
5S Audit Sheet Sample 
5S Slide Share on 5S Implementation 
7 QC Tools Reverse Brainstorming 
7 QC Tools Reverse Brainstorming 
7 QC Tools Reverse Brainstorming 
7 QC Tools The Reverse Fishbone Diagram Concepts 
7 QC Tools - Article Seven QC Tools 
Article Blind men and an elephant 
Article Common Sense: Not as common as you think 
Article Eight Wastes of Lean in a Services Context 
Article How to be a Problem Solver 
Article - Lean vs Six Sigma Lean Versus Six Sigma: What's the Controversy? What the Difference? 
Article - Lean vs Six Sigma Lean vs. Six Sigma - What is the difference 
Book Reference Books on "continuous flow" 
Book Reference Practical lean accounting: a proven system for measuring and managing the Lean Enterprise 
Book Review Book Review on Lean Manufacturing - Google Books - Lean Manufacturing That Works by Bill Carreira 
Books  Six SIGMA for Service: How to Use Lean Speed and Six SIGMA Quality to Improve Services and Transactions By George, Michael L. (Author) 
Continuous Flow Continuous Flow Manufacturing 
Continuous Flow CREATING CONTINUOUS FLOW -- Work-Book for Reference 
Continuous Flow Implementing One piece Flow Cells 
DFMA Designing Processes to Fit Lean Manufacturing 
Encyclopedia The Quality Encyclopedia 
Glossary Logistics glossary - Here you find current terms and concepts in Supply Chain. 
Guide Lean - The Step by Step Guide to Lean Business 
Handbook LeanTTT Handbook and Workbook 
Implementation Guide Lean Implementation Guide - Implement 5S Quickly and Easily etc. 
Kaizen Kaizen Events - Achieving Rapid Improvement in Healthcare Settings 
Kaizen Kaizen - The Japanese Strategy of Continuous Improvement 
Kaizen Quick and Easy Kaizen - Kaizen Mindset 
KAizen Event The Key Roles of a Kaizen Even 
Kamishibai One Point Lesson: Kamishibai 
Kanban Kanban explained in 4 easy steps 
Kanban Kanban Pull Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation 
Leadership Effective Leadership: Rejecting the Status Quo 
Lean  Lean Manufacturing 
Lean Lean Manufacturing by PQA 
Lean Managing the Change to a Lean Organization 
Lean Origins & History Lean Manufacturing 
Lean Principles of Lean Thinking 
Lean Accounting Lean Accounting: What's It All About? 
Lean Accounting Management Accounting for Lean Businesses 
Lean Accounting The Lowdown on Lean Accounting 
Lean Accounting What is lean accounting and how can you make it work for your company 
Lean Accounting-Article What’s Happening in Lean Accounting? 
Lean Accounting - Controversies The Obstacle To Lean Accounting "The truth? You can't handle the truth!" 
Lean Accounting-Video Video: Introduction to Managerial Accounting 
Lean HealthCare Application of Lean to Healthcare Processes 
Lean/Kaizen What is the difference between Kaizen, Lean & Six Sigma? 
Lean / Six Sigma Lean vs. Six Sigma 
List Lean Manufacturing Articles - List 
PULL Push–pull strategy 
PULL Push Vs Pull 
Roadmap Lean manufacturing implementation: A 20-step road map 
Roadmap Roadmap for Lean Manufacturing 
Shop for PPTs Lean Leadership PowerPoint Training Presentations 
TEI Employee Involvement: Its Magical Benefits 
TEI Motivated employees are your most valuable asset 
TEI/TQC Quality Improvement with Total Employee Involvement (TEI) 
TOC/Lean TOC and LEAN two great improvement methodologies 
TPS 7 Principles 7 Principles of Toyota Production System (TPS) 
Value Understanding Value 
Video  Lean Manufacturing Example Toyota Plant Kentucky 
Video Lean Manufacturing One Piece Flow -- A Simulation Video 
Video One piece Flow - in fabrication industry 
Video YOU TUBE Collection of Lean Videos 
Visual Factory Visual Factory 
Visual Factory Visual Workplace in a Lean Manufacturing Process Overview 
Visual Factory What is a Visual Workplace? 
VSM To Value Stream Map or Not to Value Stream Map a Service Process? 
VSM ValueStreamDesigner - Value Stream Mapping Software 
VSM Value Stream Map Examples 
VSM Value Stream Mapping 
VSM Value Stream Mapping Overview 
VSM Value Stream Mapping, Step-By-Step  
Waste Eight Manufacturing Wastes 
Waste How eliminating waste will increase your profits 
Wastes The 7 Manufacturing Wastes 
Wastes Types of Waste 
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