Who we are?

Agile Lean Business Solutions (ALBS) is a business consulting firm located in Bangalore, India. We deal in lean manufacturing and business productivity improvement management by deploying the Lean/WCM Tool Kit. Our lean consulting tool box contain tools such as Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Total Employee Involvement (TEI), 5S, Kaizen, Visual Factory Display & Management, Supply Chain Design & Management, Just-in-time (JIT), Kanban, CONWIP, Inventory Management and Control, SMED,QCO TPM, Lean Project Implementation (Greenfield & Brownfield), Standardized Work, Value Adding, Non Value Adding & Waste (VA-NVA & Waste -- MUDA, MURA, MURI), Takt, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Autonomous Maintenance, Quality Manufacturing and control (Building the Quality instead of Checking the Quality) etc. We believe in applying these tools before adopting lean six sigma.

Value Enhancers

Agile Lean Business Solutions (ALBS) assist businesses with implementing Lean Principles while providing very unique hands on support on

    1. how to improve flow to eliminate waste and reduce delays by deploying lean tools
    2. how to introduce PULL in all aspects of business life
    3. how to improve On Time Delivery despite reduced Work in Progress and Finished Goods Inventory with the help of Kanban
    4. how to get things right first time, thus improving Quality and lowering costs
    5. how to empower staff, motivate them to sustain results and help them work as a team with Total Employee Involvement (TEI)
    6. how to make good decisions using evidence(Data Based Solutions)
    7. how learning by doing gets results quickly (Genchi Genbutsu - Japanese phrase for going and seeing the actual place of work),
    8. how to deploy lean for Problem Solving while creating consensus of all stakeholders.

Our catalytic approach helps and enable businesses achieve World Class Excellence through Lean Principles and practices, to yield quick ROI.

This transformation can happen to your shop floor



Please CONTACT US or e-mail to us for any requirement for training or Implementation of '5S'; Kaizen; TEI; Lean; Lean Supply Chain etc.

ALBS Lean Tool Box

Agile Lean Business Solutions (ALBS) is a business consulting firm located in Bangalore, India. We deal in manufacturing and non-manufacturing performance management with a view to improve business bottom lines. Our Lean consulting tool box includes many tools such as

    1. Business Diagnostic tools - Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Value; Non Value Adding (VA-NVA) and Waste identification etc.
    2. Attitude and Team Building training and implementation thru' - Total Employee Involvement (TEI); '5S'; Blitz Kaizen Workshops; Visual Factory Display & Management; Kaizen; Lean learning thru' JIT Game (A Lean simulation through one day experiential workshop etc.
    3. Inventory Management and Control (Lean Supply Chain Management) Tool Box includes - Design and Implementation of Just-in-time (JIT); Kanban; CONWIP; Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI); Pull Procurement; Milk run van concepts etc.
    4. Operational productivity improvements are brought about by hands-on implementation of - Cell & Pull Manufacturing; SMED (QCO-Quick Change Over); Standardized Work; Takt; Total Productive Maintenance (TPM); Autonomous Maintenance; Quality manufacturing and control (TQC or TQM) including use of differential diagnosis methodology etc.
    5. Lean Project Implementation - We are also equipped to assist organizations in design and implementation of Greenfield and Brown field projects using Lean concepts.
    6. We have also been involved in assisting organization to modify product designs using Lean concept of DFMA (Design for manufacturing and assembly).

We recommend our clients to apply these tools simultaneous to six sigma.

The Team

ALBS is a team of professionals with more than a decade of experience in associating ourselves as catalysts with organizations with a view to facilitate their (client company) team members to start using Lean Thinking as a means to awaken their dormant strengths to meet ever increasing market challenges. As a matter of this catalytic approach the organizations learn to implement Japanese Lean production techniques (popularly known as TPS - Toyota Production System) such as 5S / JIT / SMED / KANBAN / TPM / TQM. The extensive experience of each member of our team has been in a variety of High Volume and Low Volume Electronics, Engineering, Automotive, Telecommunication and many other Industries where Lean / Kaizen application has lead to the business bottom-line benefits.

Our consulting philosophy and approach is, two prong:

    1. Bottom-Up: “GO & SEE at the work place (Genchi Genbutsu)” combined with “Hands-on-implementation” philosophy to induct lean among all front-liners
    2. Top-Down: Simultaneously to Bottom-Up we apply “Thinking-with-hands” approach, to introduce Lean among rest of the organization.
    3. As depicted in our Business Model we insist with our clients to implement 5S (the Lean tool to make a manufacturing shop floor look like a show-room). This helps developing a good soil before sowing the seeds for deeper Lean implementation.
    4. In doing all the above we ensure Total Employee Involvement (TEI) is ensured by deployment of famous Blitz-Kaizen-Workshop methodology.

In all the situations we head straight to the shop-floor and getting things done by setting an example.

We have a background of associating with well-known corporations to assist them in implementation of Lean / Kaizen. We are constantly on call by organizations and many professional event organizers to conduct in-house workshops on Lean Manufacturing, 5S, TQM, SMED and TPM and conduct public training programs.

Ten Strengths of ALBS

    1. Genchi Genbutsu – Go and see combined with hand on work. Thinking by hands.
    2. Differential Diagnosis (Lean) approach for problem solving
    3. Emphatic listening to one and all to understand deeply the Business Challenges at clients end.
    4. Deep urge to create Total Employee Involvement (TEI) in all situations of waste removal. This is the underlying need to implement Lean with a view to sustain.
    5. Our training methodology is based on involving all participants emotionally and spiritually.
    6. We are guided by laws of Mother Nature in emerging business solutions.
    7. Our extensive Hands-on industrial experience helps guiding teams finding solutions outside the box.
    8. We ensure our clients get more value for money as compared to big consultancy companies.
    9. We believe in teaching our clients on “How to Fish” rather than “Giving Fish”.
    10. We ensure that our clients find us highly contributive. (We endeavor that recurring savings to the organizations be far in excess of their expenses on Lean Implementation. Some of our clients consider Lean Implementation as investment.)

How ALBS can help you

ALBS can be your long term partner in:

    1. Help you strengthen your bottom line thru Data based Cell Designs with a view to reduce Inventory, improve On-Time-Delivery (OTD) and First-Time-Right Quality (FTR)
    2. Help your ability to improve your top line by way of added capacities without proportionate increase in
      • Investment
      • Space
      • People
    3. Help your people to acquire excellence in
      • Problem Solving
      • Team Work
    4. And many more…

Our Specialization

5S, Blitz Kaizen Workshops on 5S (World Class Housekeeping),

Visual Factory & Visual Management,

Entire - end to end - Lean supply chain solutions consisting of:

Flow Kaizen Workshops with a view to create Cellular Layout with Standard WIP and Material Flow

Kanban - Raw Material, Work in Progress, CONWIP, Finished Goods, Multiple Bin Kanban for long Lead Time Situations,

Pull and Just In Time (JIT) Procurement, Vendor Managed Inventory, Milk Run Van, Supplier Integration, Inventory Management & control etc.

We assist organizations in Implementation of

  • 5S, Blitz Kaizen Workshops on 5S (World Class Housekeeping),
  • Flow Kaizen Workshops with a view to create Cellular Layout with Standard WIP and Material Flow
  • Visual Factory & Visual Management,
  • War On Waste Workshops,
  • Value Stream Mapping (Current & Future State),
  • Cell Manufacturing, Cellular Layout, Standardized Work,
  • Pull Manufacturing,
  • SMED, QCO (Quick Change Over)
  • Implementation of Kanban Supermarket at Point of Use (POU),
  • Lean simulation experiential workshops (JIT GAME),
  • Workshop on Total Employee Involvement
  • Total Productive Machine (TPM), including CLIT, OEE, Autonomous Maintenance (Machine 5S)
  • Application of Lean in a Project Implementation - Green Field, Brown Field or revamping,
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
  • Total Quality Control (TQC) including use of differential diagnosis techniques, Quality Circles creation and enabling teams for implementation, 7QC Tools


Please CONTACT US or e-mail to us for any requirement for training or Implementation of '5S'; Kaizen; TEI; Lean; Lean Supply Chain etc.