Continuous Flow

Continuous Flow

After identifying the value stream for a product, the focus is on avoiding batch and queue between different steps in the process flow.

One must ensure that the next downstream operation has:

    • only what is needed
    • just when it is needed
    • in the exact amount needed

Enabling flow without interruption, detours, back-flows, waiting and scrap presents a constant challenge.

General, the batch size should be reduced to the smallest possible size.

The end target is to enable single piece flow, meaning producing only one product at a time.

The benefits of continuous flow


    • improved response time to customer orders
    • improved resource productivity
    • improved quality
    • reduced lead time
    • reduced space
    • reduced cost
    • optimization of all resources
    • higher customer satisfaction

In a continuous flow process, work content per operator must be balanced to takt time.

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