Pull Production / Pull Manufacturing

Push system

System of ordering where orders are issued for completion by specified due dates, based on estimated lead-times.

Push manufacturing is characterized by manufacturing to forecast, and emphasizes on batch processing and lot sizes.

Each area runs at maximum capacity, and the material is pushed downstream.

Push planning methods include MRP, reorder points, and optimum order quantities.

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Pull System

A method of production control in which downstream activities signal their needs to upstream activities. Pull production strives to eliminate overproduction and is one of the three major components of a complete just-in-time production system, along with takt time and continuous flow.

Pull manufacturing is a visual replenishment of goods based on actual demand. Whatever is demanded by the next work center is only produced.

Originally TOYOTA adopted this system copying from the grocery business (Super Market) in America. As per this system only the products consumed by the customer were replaced on the shelves.

The most important aspect of a pull planning method is dependency on visual signals.

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Understanding Push & Pull (Self Learning)

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