'5S' - World Class Housekeeping

'5S' Mantra


'5S' (combined with Kaizen & TEI) as a tool consists very simple and commonsensical thoughts structured in the form of a program. '5S' today is implemented by most companies as a foundational step in their journey to achieve World Class Excellence. Alas, very few companies, till today, are successful in getting the '5S' rooted in their culture. Those who have made the beginning are struggling to find ways and means to sustain it on a daily basis.

Why Implement '5S'

As depicted in our Business Model we insist with our clients to implement '5S' (the Lean tool to make a manufacturing shop floor look like a show-room). This helps developing a good soil before sowing the seeds for deeper Lean Implementation. Following, we believe is essential prior to implementing a full Lean Implementation program

    • Promotes employee involvement (TEI - Total Employee Involvement) and employee satisfaction at all levels of organization
    • Helps identify Waste and Non Value Adding (NVA) activities
    • Creates proper environment for Standard Work
    • Places high value on Safety, Health and Environment and brings wide awareness among all
    • Set out a culture prerequisite to world class Quality
    • Initiates a culture of Visual Control and Management
    • daily '5S' practices provide platform for development of Self Discipline
    • and thus creates a foundation to build stability for World Class Manufacturing.

How '5S' can benefit a business

In less than expected time, companies can enjoy the excellent benefits by implementing the 5S program. More than 30 plus (tangible and intangible) benefits bring attitudinal transformation and create radical change in the business results. All the other essential tools of Lean are effectively implemented and drastic results visualized when 5S culture flourished in the plant.

    1. A showroom plant/factory guarantees increased business from customers
    2. Increased productivity
    3. Improved quality at customer end
    4. Reduced rejects and rework thus reduced cost of manufacture
    5. Improve On Time Delivery
    6. Lower Absenteeism
    7. Search free environment
    8. Improved Process Reliability
    9. World Class Work Culture with Safe environment, Self Discipline and Self Motivated Employees
    10. Delighted Customers

This all - in nutshell means everyone with in the organization

What is '5S'

The term '5S', originally initiated by Japanese and commonly known as an "Integrated Housekeeping Program", is a systematic methodology for proper "Workplace Management".

In brief '5S' means creating a visually managed, maintained neat and clean, safe to work and healthy workplace with a view to generate among all levels of organization a very high level of passion (spirit), working efficiency & motivation. Picture below shows, in brief, five (5) steps involved in implementation of '5S'.

ALBS's well proven and effective methodology to implement '5S':

We have designed and adopted a unique approach to implement '5S' in any environment. This methodology helps taking deep roots in sustaining '5S' for a long time.

    • We conduct short class room training (less than 4 hours) followed by a Hands-on workshops in a pilot area. Short training sessions are action packed with simulated near reality exercises. Every principle taught is immediately executed in the workshop followed by training - Blitz Kaizen Workshops (BKW)
    • Blitz Kaizen Workshop (BKW) is a Rapid Improvement Methodology. This is a powerful technique we deploy for our speedier implementation.
    • BKW model believes in “Learning By Doing”. Improvements are created by teams in their shop floor pre-selected for this purpose.
    • With adequate pre-planning and cross functional teams consisting people from all levels participate in BKW’s and generate high degree of motivation / involvement / pride and ownership for the company.
    • The closing of the workshop is supported by future implementation plan and daily '5S' practices with long term sustenance plan

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