AGM Minutes 2019

ACTCA Annual General Meeting

18 April 2019

Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden, ACT

1. Opening

Meeting opened 7:35pm

2. Attendance

Cam Cunningham (President), Paul Dunn (Treasurer), Shaun Press (Vice President), Tim Pearce, Lee Forace, Milan Ninchich, Miles Patterson, Brian Mengelkamp, Shun Ikeda, John Winkelman


Erik Jochimsen, Alana Chibnall (ACTJCL), Michael Kethro, Junta Ikeda, Fred Litchfield, Willis Lo

3. Previous Minutes

Accepted (Moved P.Dunn, Seconded S.Press)

4. Matters Arising

Hennesey House outreach program still hasn’t proceeded at this time

5. Presidents Report

The President gave a verbal report. 2018 saw the holding of a number of successful events including the 2018 O2C Doeberl Cup, the 2018 ANU Open and the 2018 Vikings Weekender.

6. Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented his report (attached). The report was accepted (Moved S. Press, Seconded S. Ikeda)

7. Junior Chess League Report

Shaun Press gave a verbal report on behalf of the Junior Chess League. The ACTJCL is bidding to host the Australian Schools Teams Championship on Nov 30th/ Dec 1st 2019.

8. Election of Office Bearers

S.Press took the chair

All positions were filled by the sole nomination

President – Cam Cunningham (Nominated J. Winkelman, Seconded S.Ikeda)

C. Cunningham resumed the chair

Vice President – Miles Patterson (Nom. S.Press, Sec. C.Cunningham)

Secretary – Shaun Press (Nom. L.Forace, Sec S.Ikeda)

Treasurer – Paul Dunn (Nom. S.Press, Sec. S.Ikeda)

Junior Delegate – Alana Chibnall (Nom. S.Press, Sec. S.Ikeda)

Public Officer – Paul Dunn (Nom. S.Press, Sec. S.Ikeda)

9. Other Business

Australian Schools Teams Championship – ACTJCL bid to be supported by ACTCA

New Quorum Numbers for AGM – Council to propose a change to the ACTCA Constitution

Website – now active. Currently redirects to existing google site.

Square payment system – Available for use. Successful trial at the ACT Championships

Membership list – Updated list to be shown on ACTCA website

ANU Open – Venue has been booked

Vikings Weekender – Liaise with Tuggeranong Chess Club to set a date in November 2019

10. Meeting Closed

8:15 pm