ACTCA AGM Minutes 2021

ACTCA Annual General Meeting

1 April 2021

Southern Cross Club, Corrina St, Woden, ACT

1. Opening

Meeting opened 7:35 pm

2. Attendance

Cam Cunningham (President), Paul Dunn (Treasurer), Miles Patterson (Vice President), Shaun Press (Secretary), Brad Archer, Shun Ikeda, Nathalie Tisserand, Matt Radisich, Alana Chibnall, Thomas Johnston



3. Previous Minutes

Accepted (Moved M. Patterson, Seconded P. Dunn)

4. Matters Arising

2020 Constitutional changes to be included in current constitution and published(Action: Shaun Press)

Changes to ACT Championship format sent to council for discussion. No proposals were received by council, so status quo remains.

5. Presidents Report

The President gave a verbal report. Highlights included the holding of the 2020 Viking Weekender. Alol local clubs are now meeting, with a significant increase in numbers of people playing. The President noted the continued financial support from the ACT Government. The President thanks Shaun Press (Secretary) for his work in keeping chess going trhough the organisation of online events.

Accepted (Moved M Radisich, Seconded M Patterson)

6. Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented his report (financial statements attached). The accounts have been audited. The report was accepted (Moved M. Patterson, Seconded H. Press)

7. Junior Chess League Report

Brad Archer (ACTJCL President) his report (attached).

8. Election of Office Bearers

S.Press took the chair

All positions were filled by the sole nomination

President – Cam Cunningham (Nominated M. Patterson, Seconded P.Dunn)

C. Cunningham resumed the chair

Vice President – Miles Patterson (Nom. C. Cunningham, Sec. P. Dunn)

Secretary – Shaun Press (Nom. P. Dunn, Sec N. Tisserand)

Treasurer – Paul Dunn (Nom. C. Cunningham, Sec. S. Ikeda)

Junior Delegate – Brad Archer (Nominated S. Press, Seconded P.Dunn)

Public Officer – Paul Dunn (Nom. C. Cunningham, Sec. M.Patterson)

9. Other Business

Upcoming Events: ACT Championship 29th-31st May 2021 Campbell High School

ANU Open 23rd-25th July 2021 ANU School of Art (If unavailable, possibly Eastlakes Gungahlin)

Vikings Weekender November 2021 (TBD) Lanyon Club, Condor

10. Meeting Closed

8:29 pm


  • 2020 was a challenging year for the ACTJCL with no over-the-board events held between March and September 2020 due to COVID-19, and our interschool events reduced to one day weekend events due to lack of schools willing to be hosts. Due to COVID, the ACTJCL also cancelled the 2020 Oceania Youth Chess Championship, which would have been the first direct title junior only event ever to be held in Australia. Kudos to Shaun for running online tournaments to keep kids engaged,

  • Managed to hold junior championships in 2020 – Dexuan Kong and Erin Milne the boys and girls champions, respectively.

  • 2021 has thus far seen greater degree of normality, with our weekend events attracting pre-COVID numbers of juniors. Running our interschool events continues to be problematic due to lack of schools willing to host students from other schools.

  • Nevertheless, the ACTJCL is currently in a strong financial position with approx. $34K in the bank (owing $1000-$2000).

  • In addition to our regular calendar events, we are running development activities for our promising juniors which are financially subsidised by us.

  • Between January and February, we (Kate and Shaun) ran the ACTJCL Summer Swiss - a FIDE rated 90+30 invitational tournament with a field comprised of 50% juniors and 50% adults, principally to provide our younger players with experience playing stronger players at long time controls. We (Kate, Brad and Saffron, with advice from Shaun) also ran a Doeberl Cup Quads Training Tournament. The JCL also plans to run a coaching day & GM Simul prior to the ACT Championship in May.

  • Kate suggests that the ACTCA and the ACTJCL consider jointly organising a major chess event such as the Australian Open or the Australian Championship as events like these help ACT juniors to keep playing and working on their chess.