GWR D022 5-Plank Open Wagon Kit

Cambrian Models for Society: £5.00 (at 15 May 2016)

Only Available to members through the 3mm Society Shop

Thanks to the generous bequest of the late John Fisher, the Society has been able to commission a number of Great Western wagon kits, of which this 16ft-long 5-plank Open Merchandise Wagon, dating from 1925, is the first. The neat body is by Cambrian Models and the chassis the familiar Parkside nine-footer. The body parts are nicely detailed, with plenty of angle irons and boltheads and a well-modelled sack-barrow door whose bottom plank is angled on the outside and the inside (a 3mm first). Optional extra parts enable the wagon to be built with a sheet rail and Dean-Churchward brakes.

The two sides, two ends and the floor fit together well, and just for a change the floor drops in from the bottom. As ever, Cambrian corner mitres are approximate by comparison with Parkside’s masterworks, but only a little filling and fettling is required. The top edges of the sides are rough and need sanding down level with the tops of the corner plates. Once these little tasks (in truth no more tiresome than removing a bit of flash) have been done the bufferheads can be glued in place and the chassis fitted in the normal way. In no time an attractive wagon is ready to paint. As usual, I fitted Worsley Works etched brake levers instead of the Parkside mouldings.

Paul Furner’s instructions are as always clear and informative, and include brake and livery details. These wagons lasted until the early 1960s and travelled all over the railway, so you don’t need to be a GWR enthusiast to justify running one or two. It’s a kit John Fisher would have liked a lot.