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Triang TT Historical layout

Presented by Kevin West (Email:

This display layout has been built to display and demonstrate the TT Gauge railway system produced by Tri-ang in the period from 1957 to 1968.

If you were a child in the early 1960’s then this would have been your dream train set! There are four continuous tracks plus loco yard and goods yard. We aim to have at least three trains moving all the time.

The TT Gauge range of 3mm scale models running on 12mm gauge track, was introduced in 1957 and was sold alongside the existing 4mm scale OO models introduced by Tri-ang in the early 1950's. The layout displays most of the items produced by Tri-ang for the range including stations, engine sheds and signals. The layout also shows both the track systems produced. All of the locomotives and rolling stock are displayed as manufactured by Tri-ang.

The photos show the layout as shown at exhibitions.

The layout is built in modular form on baseboards 4' x 2', and is free standing.

Layout size.

The layout is 8' x 6'