Suppliers/Sutlers/For Sale

 These are some of our suppliers

 Blockade Runner

 Regimental Quartermaster

Jewelers Daughter

 Mercury Sutler 

(Mercury Sutler is our Official Supplier for uniforms)

    2nd Texas Items

Home Front General Store

(Home Front offers a discount on purchases if you mention our unit)

Hector's Outdoor Haven 609-267-0119

Princeton Home Brew



Items for sale will be posted here

Items that are listed here for sale are for sale by the owners of the equipment. The 2nd Texas Cavalry is not responsible for the condition of any of the equipment posted for sale. The individual selling the item posted is completely responsible for the condition, description, and shipping  of the item.

Individuals wishing to post an item for sale must include a valid email address along with a description of items for sale (no photos).

The individual posting the item must be a member of the 2nd Texas Cavalry Co. A, Inc.

No more than one item or related group of items (belt, cap pouch, ammunition box, etc.) may be posted at one time. No more than one sale item per member per month.

The 2nd Texas Cavalry Co. A, does not charge or receive any commission from any sales generated on this site. All monies transferred between the buyer and seller are private. Any disputes arising between the buyer and seller are private matters between the buyer and seller.

This service is a courtesy set up for members of the 2nd Texas cavalry Co. A, Inc. If a member leaves or is removed, his privileges on this site are removed.

Do not contact the 2nd Texas Cavalry Co. A, Inc for information on a seller or on information of an item being sold. Information must be exchanged between the buyer and seller only.

The seller is responsible for notifying the webmaster of the sale or non sale of an item. If the seller does not contact the webmaster, the item will be removed from the page on the first calendar day of the following month.

Do not submit photographs with the item for sale, that is up to you in your contact with the individual.

Any violation of the above policy will result in removal of the item and permanent prohibition from this service.