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If You are interested in the history of the Civil War and want to get involved in this hobby, please contact us and we will forward all information to you.  We are a family friendly group.

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The 2nd Texas Cavalry Company A, Inc  portrays a unit of the Department of the Trans-Mississippi operating in the Western Theater of operations during the Civil War.

The 2nd Texas Cavalry was organized January 8, 1862 in Mesilla, Arizona as an independent company. It was absorbed into the Texas State Militia during the withdrawal from Arizona Territory.


We also have a secondary impression portraying the Confederate States Marine Corps  (CSMC ). This detail will be limited in size and will not accept civilian personnel.  Follow the link Uniform Guidelines to see the equipment list.

President Davis and His Marine Honor Guard at Ashokan

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 Our group is a non profit and completely insured unit. The insurance covers ALL Listed events that we attend. We hold our members to the highest safety standards with yearly training and several drills throughout the year. 

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Our unit is not a "stitch counter" group, however we strive to be as historically accurate  and professional in appearance as possible.


We are a family oriented group and encourage all members of the family to participate. 


We are based out of Southern New Jersey and have attended re-enactments in southern NY, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Our unit also participates in living history events, parades, ceremonies, demonstrations and  provides individuals  for school programs, summer programs and Scouting activities.


If you have an interest in the history of this period and would like to join a unit without any politics, please feel free to contact us.


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Membership information as well as a list of current events will be sent upon request.


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