School Uniform

The full range of Seddon School uniform is stocked at The Warehouse, Blenheim. The school also runs a second-hand shop, which holds a number of items – please contact the school office for more details on this.

The Uniform:


· Bottle short sleeved polo with logo

· Navy/Black Thermal (worn under a school polo shirt)

· Bottle polar fleece top with logo

· Crew neck sweatshirt

· V Neck Jersey



· Navy cargo shorts

· Bottle/white gingham culottes

· Navy culottes

· Navy Skort

· Navy Pongee trackpant


· Bottle/White gingham dress

Hats/hair accessories

· Navy bucket or Aussie style

· Navy woolen hat

· Hair accessories to be plain – where possible natural or school colours

Footwear (see attached flyer)

· Navy, black or brown flat school shoes

· Navy, black or brown flat school sandals (these need to be suitable for some physical activity)

· Sports shoes (sneakers not fashion ‘skate’ shoes or hi-tops)

· Navy socks or tights (no other colour)

Sports uniform - These items are compulsory for inter-school events or school sports but are not every day items.

· Flash Tee -Bottle/Gold sports top with SEDDON on back (can be worn on Fridays)

· Navy Techno Dry Shorts

Uniform Notes:

· In winter all children may wear either navy coloured tights or socks.

· In winter students may wear black or navy thermal tops underneath their uniform

· Sun hats are compulsory in terms 1 and 4.

· The uniform is unisex. e.g girls can wear shorts and track pants too if they want.

· In addition to sports events this top is be able to be worn at school on Fridays.

Maintaining Consistent Standards:

· The uniform will be compulsory for all Yr 1-8 children

· Uniform items must be the ones listed above Alternatives will not be accepted

· If a child comes to school without an item of uniform or with the incorrect item they will be required to bring a note from a parent or caregiver explain the situation

· Teachers will ‘check’ uniforms on a regular basis and follow up with a parent’s where there is an issue

· Lost property will be reduced by having your child’s clothing labeled clearly.