A to Z of Information


In the event of your child being absent, you are required to contact the school prior to the start of the day (9 am) and notify staff of the reason. Messages can be left on 575 7417 or use the Hero App or email the school office.  A daily check is made on unexplained absences. It is important to remember that once a child is enrolled in school they are legally required to be attending on a daily basis. Poor attendance is a big contributor towards lack of engagement and lower progress and achievement


Ashton Scholastic Book Club

Once or twice a term pamphlets are distributed to children advertising suitable books for your child. If you wish to order any of these, please use the school loop online ordering system. Parents are under no obligation to purchase any books.  The school does receive 15% in online credit back from all orders which we use for both library books and to provide students with free books over Book Week and Prizegiving.



Whole school assemblies are held in the school hall every 2nd Friday at 2.30 pm. These are an opportunity to celebrate student successes and share class activities. Parents/caregivers are very welcome to attend. A list of students receiving awards is printed in the newsletter on a Friday and we advise parents if their child is getting a certificate the day before.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, as the school's governing authority, is responsible for ensuring the school complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The Board of Trustees (BOT) decides matters of school policy and supports the principal and management team in its day-to-day management of the school.

The full Board meets on a Thursday at 7pm, usually around Week 4 and 8 of every term - though these dates can alter slightly. Dates are advertised in the school newsletter. All parents are welcome to attend. Names and contact details for Board members are contained in the Board Information.



The school has three bus routes, namely –

• Awatere 


• Grassmere

A high standard of behaviour is expected from the students while travelling on buses. Children are to remain seated (where possible) throughout the journey. Waiting for the bus, children must wait clear of the roadside. After getting off, they must wait until the bus has departed before crossing the road. The school appoints bus monitors. They are appointed to ensure that safety rules are followed and trained by NZ Police. Children are supervised until the last bus departs.

If parents collect bus children from school or alter any arrangement, you need to ensure they are removed from the bus list in the office and inform the office staff or bus controller (Mrs Leigh McKendry). Transport claims can be made by those parents who have to transport their children a long distance to meet up with the school bus (Approx 3.5km each way). Inquiries re distance etc can be made through the school office.

Cycling to School

The school strongly recommends only children 9 years and older cycle to school. This is based upon NZ Police recommendations. These guidelines also stipulate that a child can only cycle to school if their parents/caregivers are confident that their child is able to do so safely. Helmets must be worn and bikes are to remain the bike racks while at school. Helmets must be fitted correctly Cycling in the school grounds is not permitted except for special events.

Students cycling to school from the far side of the Seddon Township are asked to use the state highway underpass.


Contacting the School / Concerns and Complaints

We value and welcome discussion and contact with parents and caregivers about their child. We believe that by working together our students are positively supported and can make the most of their opportunities.

We welcome any queries and concerns no matter how big or small that you may have about the school, your child and their learning and will endeavour to provide you with an answer as soon as possible after hearing from you. If you have a query or concern about your child's class/work or social or behaviour problems you should first contact the class teacher and discuss the matter with them.

If you are not satisfied by the answer provided or the action taken by the teacher you should make an appointment to discuss the matter with the principal.

A copy of the school's concerns and complaints procedure is available if you would like to view this and is sent home every couple of years to remind parents.


Dental Clinic

All school Dental Therapists are now based at the Marlborough Dental Hub situated on the corner of McLaughlin and Nelson St in Blenheim.. If you have concerns about your child's teeth or for urgent problems with your child's dental health you can contact the Dental Therapist on phone 520-9922. Please call the clinic for all dentail enquries.


Seddon School is part of the Donations Scheme.  We do not request donations from whanau - except for camps, which is permitted under the rules.


Education Outside the Classroom 

Trips/camps are an integral part of the curriculum. There will be a variety of opportunities during your child's time at Seddon School. The skills the children develop during these trips/camps often cannot be gained inside a classroom and are beneficial. Where the activity involves donation requests to parents, a letter will be sent home in advance in detail. Parents are encouraged to assist with these programmes. Often more parents than required volunteer to go on overnight camps. Generally in these situations parents are selected based on various skills for the camp - or drawn from a hat if we have multiple suitable parents.

We try to keep the cost of camps as minimal as possible.  In some cases it can be around $100 but can be up to $260.


Parents/caregivers who wish to enrol their children can do so by completing the online enrolment form on this website under the Enrol with us section, someone from the school will contact you soon after. Where the child is a new entrant this will need to be done some weeks before their fifth birthday so school visits can be arranged. When making the appointment parents are reminded they must bring their child's birth and immunisation certificates with them.

The enrolment of new students covers

• The child's readiness for school socially and emotionally

• Interest and abilities

• Health and medical conditions

• School uniform

• School procedures and organisation

• Parent help

Seddon School runs a pre-school programme in the term before a child turns five. This programme runs once a week for a school day for approximately 5 weeks. During this time the children work with a teacher aid focusing on getting ready for school. If you would like your pre-schooler to be a part of this please contact the school office.  After this time they are able to join the new entrant class for the day. Information will be forwarded prior to these visits with full enrolment information.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in private music lessons while at Seddon School. Further information on these can be obtained from the school office.  There is definitely wait lists for these classes so we recommend parents contact the music tutors sooner rather than later.


Financial Assistance

As a school we understand that there are times when finances are tight. There are various options for payment of school related costs. Only the costs for stationery and uniform are compulsory for parents.  If you need to discuss your financial situation with us please call the school office or principal.


Friends of Seddon School

Seddon School has a very energetic Friends  fundraising group that works in close liaison with the school.

In recent years this group has worked to fund the purchase of library books, sports equipment, a new playground and various other things that have enhanced the facilities used by the students.

Fundraising events include the annual 'Tussock Run', a Garden tour and regular catering.

The continuation of this enthusiastic group is dependent on your support. If you are willing to assist please contact the school office for more information.

See Friends of Seddon School page

GATE – (Gifted and Talented Education)

Children who are identified, as gifted or talented in specific areas will be offered opportunities to extend their skills, as resources are available.  The school is currently renewing and revising Gifted and Talented procedures to make sure we are catering to all students and acknowledging that being Gifted and Talented comes in many forms.


Very few teachers set regular homework and it is not a compulsory element of our school.  We ask that parents read with children every night and encourage them to experience their community and various opportunities.  

Spending time as a family is critically important to your child's academic achievement.  They need time to reflect, relax and discuss.  We actively encourage you to prioritise this!

House Groups

All students and staff members are a member of a house. The houses are Weld, McRae, Richmond and Clifford. The houses are made up of up to 30 - 40 students to offer friendship, encouragement and advice to younger students.

Students can earn house points for various things and points are collected each week and the winning house is announced at the Friday assembly. The house system fosters involvement, teamwork and friendly competition.



Any child injured at school or feeling unwell is sent to the medical room to be attended by the person in charge. The following procedures are followed if a child is to be sent home:-

• parents phone and arrangements made for the child to be collected. Under no circumstances are sick children sent home unaccompanied.

If a child requires the attention of a doctor the school will notify the child's parents or if contact is unable to be made, we will take the child to the doctor.



Before using the computers in the school all staff and students are required to read and agree to the school Internet user agreement. This is done upon enrolment.

Upon enrollment students will be allocated an email address that will allow them to access the school calendars, files etc through gmail. Parents will also be allocated information to login in to our Linc Ed - Hero site.  This is our one stop shop for all communication, achievement, reports, student sharing and notices.



By law all students must attend school during its open hours. At Seddon this is 9 am to 3 pm. Seddon School firmly believes that a child should arrive at least 15 minutes before the morning lessons begin at 9 am. This gives the child an opportunity to prepare both mentally and physically for the school day. Lateness is not only disrupting for the child but their class and teacher as well.


Learning Support

Seddon School aims to meet each student's academic, social and physical needs. Often to do this we offer adaptive programmes or extra help. You will be notified if your child is involved in this.



The school library is fully computerised and contains a wide range of books and resources. Children will visit the library weekly as part of their classroom programmes. Parents can assist by ensuring children return books to school. There will be part charges for the replacement of books not returned.


Lost Property

It is essential that all clothing and personal items are clearly named. All items of property, which are found, are placed in the box outside the office door. At the end of each term unclaimed items will be placed in our second hand supplies.



We have a healthy food policy in place where we encourage children to bring healthy food options for snacks and lunch. Children are expected to eat their sandwiches (or equivalent) and fruit after they have lunch playtime. They are allowed to leave treat foods such as biscuits, bars and chips. Teachers do check lunch boxes as time permits - however we do encourage parents to keep an eye on lunch consumption if your child is eating too much or too little. If you are worried about how much they are eating let us know and we will make a point of monitoring this.  Sweets/lollies are not permitted at school.

We are a water only school. If a child brings juice etc they will be asked not to drink it until after school. Children need to have a water bottle at school at all times. 

Occasionally our students organise fundraising canteens or sausage sizzles.  These are well advertised for parents ahead of time.



Should your child be required to take medication during school hours the school must be advised and the appropriate consent form completed. Medication must be handed into the school office and it will be administered from there as needed.



We are cashless at school and ask that all payments are made electronically into our school bank account.


Newsletters are an important way of communicating with each family. Newsletters are sent weekly on a Friday. These are uploaded to our website HERE and also placed on our Linc Ed - Hero app.  


All notices are sent home via Hero - including permission slips.  We no longer send home paper notices.

Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences

The purpose of the conference is to share and discuss the child's development, progress and achievement.

Opportunities for conferences are mid Term 1 and at the beginning of Term 3. During the conference it is hoped goals for the child will be agreed upon. Teachers are available to discuss your child's progress outside of these scheduled times – please contact the office to arrange a time. Staff are also available after school each day to discuss day-to-day activities.

Pets Day

A school pets day is held annually either at the end of term 3 or the beginning of term 4. It is an opportunity for the children to celebrate their rural surroundings and is well supported by the wider community. Craft and cooking schedules are handed out well in advance so children have a chance to complete the tasks for the indoor exhibits as well as bringing a pet of their choice along on the day.

Personal Property

Personal equipment should remain at home. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. Personal equipment can cause friction and distractions. Children who need to bring a cell phone for use after school need to hand it into the office prior to the beginning of the day and can collect it again at 3pm.


School photos are taken by a professional on an annual basis usually in Term 4. Parents will be notified prior to this taking place.

Pre Entry Visits

Prior to starting school as a five-year-old, children are encouraged to attend several school visits. This gives the child a chance to familiarize themselves with the teacher, their classmates and the routines and experiences of school. Once you contact the school about your child's start date these will be timetabled.

Public Health Nurse

A Public Health Nurse visits the school on a regular basis. If you would like an appointment with them you can do this through the school office or you can contact the Public Health Service directly through Wairau Hospital.

Reporting to Parents

In addition to parent/student/teacher conferences children receive written reports twice a year. We report on the key competencies, student voice and academic achievement against the New Zealand Curriculum.

Your child's current curriculum level can always be seen on the HERO app.

 Religious Instruction

A school-wide programme operates for 1 term per year. Parents/caregivers must opt their children in to this programme each year if they want their children to do the programme. Children who do not attend are with their classroom teachers.

School Hours

The school hours are as follows:-

8.30am - School is open for the day 

9.00am - Classes commence for the day 

10.40 to 11.00am - Morning Interval

12.45 to 1.30pm - Lunch Break

3.00 pm - Classes finish

3.20pm - School is closed for the day

If your child needs to be at school earlier than 8.30am or later than 3.20pm then you will need to call and discuss this with the principal.  In many cases we can cater for this.


School Office Hours

The school office is open during the following times:-

Monday to Friday - 8.45 to 3.15pm



The school office stocks all stationery requirements needed in the classroom. Prices are competitive and following the initial class purchase at the beginning of the year replacement exercise books, pencils etc may be bought at the office each morning.

We recommend that you cover your child's exercise books. This protects them and extends their life. Children are expected to take pride in the presentation of their books. Graffiti and writing on covers will not be tolerated.

All stationery (including coloured pencils, crayons, felts etc) are provided by the school.


Student Records / Information

For emergency use the school maintains files of all pupils, addresses, telephone numbers and medical information. Should these be changed, please notify the school.


Daily swimming is part of the curriculum in Term 1. Junior children use the school pool and senior children use the Seddon pool. Children are asked to bring their togs and towel each day during this time. Parent help for swimming lessons is always appreciated. Weather permitting the school pool is open for lunchtime fun swims in Term 4.

Sun Smart

Seddon School has a Sun Smart policy, which requires all children to wear, hats when outside during Terms 1 and 4. These can be purchased from most stores in town and the Warehouse stock our specific uniform hat, along with all other uniform requirements. Children who do not wear hats must play in a set shady area.


Year 7/8 students travel to Blenheim approximately four days per term for technology training. Students receive instruction in hard and soft materials, biotechnology, food technology and media studies. 



The wearing of the Seddon School uniform is compulsory. The uniform options list is included in your enrolment pack. Uniform items are available at The Warehouse in Blenheim. 

The Warehouse have a list of correct item codes in store. Please ask for Help from the Warehouse staff if you are unsure.

Click here to read more


Uniform Second Hand Sales

Second hand uniforms are sold through the school. For further details on this please contact the school office.



All visitors are required to sign in at the office at the beginning of their visit to the school. This includes parents dropping off or collecting their children between 9 am and 3 pm.


Visiting Artists

When the opportunity arises the school welcomes approaches from visiting groups as an opportunity to enrich the children culturally. Some examples include visiting drama and Kakahapa groups. Payment for these is covered by the Board of Trustees through the funds we receive under the Donations Scheme.