Our Learning Values

Recent consultation in 2020 with our whanau saw the introduction of our school's learning values. These are the tools we use to help us explore the curriculum and therefore reach our school's vision.

They sit alongside the 6C's of our Deep Learning (the dispositions for learning) and nurture our students to succeed in all they endeavour.

Given the Awatere is well known for the vineyards as far as the eye can see we have tied our communities values into the VINES.

Versatility - children can adapt, have a sense of resilience and cope with change.  They will have a wide range of skills and interests and be able to explore their learning passions.

Integrity - our children will try their best, have excellent confidence and a sense of who they are.  They will be proud of themselves and their achievements and carry themselves with pride.

Nurturing - our children will show kindness, encouragement and empathy to others.  They will support each other and feel they are part of our school.  All children and their cultures will be represented and valued.

Enterprising - our children will explore their thinking, problem solve and create.  They will face challenges head on and develop a range of strategies they can use in their lives.  They will think critically and explore a range of options and opportunities.

Sustainability - our children will be learning for their future.  They will have an understanding of future focus and will be able to think about impacts (personal, environmental, relationship...). Our children will develop life long learning skills.

Teachers use these learning values to support the planning and preparation of classroom programmes.