Reporting to Parents

In 2021 we moved our Student Management system to HERO.

Parents are able to get real time reporting on student achievement that is updated at the middle and end of each year. Student goals and badge achievement are also updated regularly throughout the year. Parents are actively encouraged to use the information in HERO as their main source of information on students academic achievement.

On top of this academic real time reporting the following structure also exists:

  1. Parents have goal setting meetings with teachers and students to set up the major goals for the year

  2. At the end of Term 2 parents receive a written reporting outlining curriculum level achievement, key competencies, student voice and school values.

  3. In Term 3 we meet with parents again to re-assess goals and make changes as necessary.

  4. At the end of Term 4 parents receive another report the same as Term 2 but with slightly more detail about achievement.

HERO also has learning journals for our students where they are able to upload items of work that parents can comment on. We also actively encourage whanau to use our Celebrations Page to put up and share out of school celebrations and milestones - eg drama classes, parts in productions, ballet exams, sporting achievements etc. This will build a full picture of our wonderful students over their years with us at Seddon School.