Our School & Community

Awatere Community

The Awatere Community, which forms the catchment area for Seddon School, is a collaboration of two communities, rural and urban. Children attending Seddon School are evenly represented from both groups and travel to school by bus, bike, foot or car.

There is a diverse cross section of people living within the area, economically, socially and culturally and employment wise. The Seddon area is rapidly changing through the increasing horticultural and viticultural use of the land.

Whist new infrastructure is developing members of the community still have to travel to Blenheim for most services and employment, unless farm orientated. They have access to a wide range of social and recreational facilities, including most major sports facilities, which are also developing as the result of new community initiatives.

The most recent facility in Seddon is the brand new Yealands Memorial Hall. There is a fully functioning kitchen, hall, sound systems, projectors and gym in this facility and it is well utilised by the entire community.

Seddon is a bustling rural town with highly dedicated people who work hard to maintain and uphold rural values. There are community gardens, book sharing, clothes sharing, artisan craft stalls, cafes, wine sales, supermarket and fuel all available to us.