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New and Improved!

Here is your new one stop web site for everything science in San Dieguito Union High School District. This site will have the following:

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Resources by Discipline
  • Professional Development Resources Presented by Jenn McCluan
  • Updated District Resources

While it is no longer being updated, click here for the old SDUHSD Science website in case there are resources there you would still like to access.

SDUHSD's NGSS Course Models

SDUHSD is a 7-12th grade school district, and has adopted the:

SDUHSD plans to change its current 2 year science graduation requirement to 3 years once it has identified which science courses will count toward graduation and the timeline for high school formal implementation.

SDUHSD is working with our five elementary feeder district leadership to support K-12 vertical articulation in science.

NGSS PEs Assigned to 7-12th Grades SDUHSD

SDUHSD's NGSS Implementation Timeline*

2017-2018 NGSS Transition Year for SDUHSD

For the 2017-2018 School year, SDUHSD will continue our gradual, multi-year transition to Next Generation Science Standards by:

  • Beginning the shift of content across our existing courses to align with new course models
  • Determining our course sequence model for our high school courses (which science courses will count toward graduation requirement)
  • Continuing to developing all teachers’ instructional and assessment knowledge and skills to align with NGSS expectations
  • Explore potential instructional materials through pilots
  • Educating and seeking feedback from our students and parents

SDUHSD Science Department Goals for 2017-2018

1. PLCs will focus on the design (creating or locating), implementation, evaluation and refinement of NGSS-aligned instruction through a phenomena-based 5E model for all students.

2. All teachers incorporate instructional strategies that support NGSS three dimensional learning, academic literacy, and differentiation for all students.

3. Develop functional Scope and Sequence documents for 7th, 8th, B, C, and P and achieve at least the minimum content shifts as agreed upon by course-alike groups.

4. Middle school will assess needs and collect data for instructional materials and technological resources from all stakeholders, and identify a preferred delivery model (hard copy/digital/hybrid).

5. Develop a course sequence for high school that achieves our goal of all standards for all students and implementation timeline for high school by December 2017.

Link to SDUHSD Priorities and Department Goals for 2017-2018

Focusing Our Time to Achieve Our Goals

Below is a graphic illustrating the focus of Professional Development and PLC time to support our department in reaching our goals for 2017-2018.

SDUHSD NGSS Content Shift Expectations for Science Courses

The table below summarizes the expected content shifts and timeline for science courses.

SDUHSD NGSS Content Transition Overview

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