La Costa Canyon High School


LCC Wellness Center

The Wellness Center in the Counseling Office is a relaxing space with a person to talk to and a variety of tools to help, such as art supplies, aromatherapy, games, puzzles, mindfulness books, and fidgets. Students can come to the Wellness Center when they're feeling stressed, anxious, or just need a quiet minute to regroup. 

La Costa Canyon High School has something for everyone!  There are so many ways to get connected and involved in our school community. 

Junior Parent Presentation 2022-2023

Parent and Student Junior Presentation 2022 (1).pdf

Counselor Availability

Students may drop in at break or lunch time without an appointment. Counselors are available during the school day/class time by appointment only. If you need to see a counselor for something urgent or serious, tell your teacher and come directly to the counseling office. If your counselor is not available, please see the counseling secretary for assistance.

Parents, please make an appointment to come meet with your student's counselor by contacting, the Counseling Secretary, Judy Mendez at 760-436-6136 ext. 6012. Counselors are available by email or phone. Click on the Counseling Team link for contact information.

The LCC Counseling Office is a busy and active place working to assist students. School Counselors spend time meeting with students discussing academics, college and career plans, and assisting with social/emotional needs. 

Contacting the Counseling Office

The Counseling office is open from 8:30 am-3:30 pm

The last day to add or drop a class with a no mark for the second semester is Wednesday February 8th, 2023. Starting Thursday February 9th to Thursday, April 20th, 2023 students will only be able to withdraw from a class for an unscheduled period or with approval, a teacher aid/peer tutor/science lab aide. A withdrawal mark will reflect as a "W" listed on the transcript.  If you are requesting to add or drop a class, please read the district policy first.  (Add/Drop Policy per Board Policy 5121/AR).  Students should see their counselor directly if they are interested in withdrawing from a class.

Aeries Portal

Aeries contains student grades, assignments, teacher contacts, transcript and graduation status. Use Aeries regularly to monitor classroom performance and address any potential problems before progress reports and final grades. Parents can update their own email addresses in the Aeries parent portal to continue to receive all notices and information from SDUHSD.