Welcome to ROMS Athletics! Please see the information below and navigate the tabs above to view sports season information for all of Royal Oak's athletic activities.

ROMS Spring Sport Practice and Game Schedule:

Practice and home game schedules for Rugby, Badminton and Field Hockey will be posted on the same schedule. Once Track and field starts It will also be added to this schedule.

VIKES Nations Basketball Information!

Please see link for more infomration regarding registrations and dates:


U14 Girls BC Summer games Basketball

ROMS Athletics Introduction Letter 2021/22

ROMS Athletics Introductory Notice
ROMS Spring Sports Practice and Home Game Schedule

Lower Island Middle School Sports Association

Please go to the Lower Island Middle School Sports Association's website (lowerislandschoolsports.ca) for all school sports season information. This is where you can find information about all LIMSSA sports and can access schedules, rules, and season details. Parents are encouraged to subscribe to the daily announcements to receive athletics information and updates by email every school day from our school office. This will be very helpful in keeping you informed about meetings and team information.

Please contact a ROMS Athletic Director if you have any questions:

Adam Ravenhill - aravenhill@saanichschools.ca