Color Guard

What is Color Guard?

COLOR GUARD is THE most amazing, eye-popping, energetic visual representation of the marching band. Through the masterfully exciting incorporation of dance, flag, rifle, and sabre (no, not real weapons - just ceremonial), the Color Guard literally “brings to life” the music you hear. When it all comes together (the music, the dance, the colorful additions) it can tell quite a story … like a Broadway Musical.

Students do not need any type of background in dance. Our staff of incredibly qualified teachers and performers literally teach a student everything they need to know from day one. Students also don’t need to have a background in music or band … all they need is a desire to be amazing at something and a teachable attitude - we’ll do the rest!

Why Should I Join Guard?

Color Guard is a GREAT opportunity to find YOUR people. A group of friends that supports you, encourages you, inspires you, and helps you discover the best version of YOU. For years, research has shown that the number one indicator of a healthy balance between academic success and social-emotional development is a sense of belonging. In Color Guard, you KNOW you BELONG.

When do we rehearse?

We rehearse every Monday from 4-6 when Marching season is done

How do I join?

Contact Ali Carmignani: