Marching Band


Membership in the marching band is required for all incoming freshmen for the first year of their high school career. If, after their first year they choose not to be part of it anymore, then there will be a discussion between the band directors and students. It is an important cross-curricular opportunity and is one of the best introductory ensembles to what the music programs are like at JAHS. While it does require outside-of-the-school-day responsibilities with football games, rehearsal, and competitions, it can be one of the most rewarding of all of the ensembles in a performance aspect. If a student has conflicts with work, sports, or classes, please talk with the Band Directors, as we have helped many students to organize a schedule that allows the student to participate and be active in all of these groups. 


The marching band performs at a wide variety of events, including all the John Adams High School home football games and marching band competitions. During the season, there are approximately five performances at football games and competitions. The marching band also participates in a variety of parades throughout the school year.


The rehearsals typically fall during the school day, however, there are some days with outside rehearsals. These are included, but are not limited to:


Each member’s band fees are based on, but not limited to, the following: