SHS Raider Report

After three months of dating, two sophomores attending Spaulding High School are convinced they’re in love with each other. Everyday, four times a day, the couple meets in the hallway to do things people do when they’re in love with each other. more

Photo of Spaulding High School

For most students here at Spaulding, this school has been the only high school they have attended in their lives. more

A large group of teachers standing outside the school, all wearing red

The first year of high school is always difficult. More classrooms, more people, more homework, etc. more

Head and shoulders picture of bandit Big Nose George

In the summer of 1878, “Big Nose” George Parrott, along with his gang of bandits, planned to rob the Union Pacific pay car in Wyoming. more

Spaulding High School track team

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the temperature is rising, flowers are beginning to sprout, and the birds are chirping on a beautiful spring day at Spaulding High School. more

Women's bathroom door with the word "Closed!" hung on it

The loo, the lavatory, the little boys room, the long drop, the house of ease, the bathroom, they’re primarily made for excretion. However, they’re often times used for completely different purposes... more

Pair of blue earrings

From when the fliers are up to the first week in June, the Jewelry Club is open to everyone, no experience needed. more

Image of the parked "Hydrodog", a blue bus resembling a dog, with several dogs sitting in front of it.

My family and I have been traveling the USA for the past two years doing all 50 states, washing dogs, and raising money and awareness for animal rescues. more

Image of blue bus with words "Bathe To Save Tour" printed on the side

Hi, I’m Isabella Amos. I am a fifteen year old Australian who just arrived as a junior at Spaulding. My family and I have been traveling the country in a big blue tour bus doing all fifty states, washing dogs and raising money for animal rescues for the past two years. more

Image of Spaulding's production of Mamma Mia

Spaulding High School does a play just about every year, and this year they did Mamma Mia based off of the movie back in 2008. The story follows... more

Blizzard bags, presented as a solution to school invading the summer, have caused quite a stir in the short amount of time during which they have been implemented. more

Irish poet William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was a prominent Irish poet in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Yeats was born in... more

game between Dover High School and Spaulding High School

Every school shows school spirit and every school has a rival. Red and green can be seen during our rival games, red on one side, green on the other. The whole crowd divided, hoping their team wins... more

High School can be tough, and some people have even referred to their time spent in High School as four years in hell. One of the most common reasons for unpleasant High School experiences are difficult classes... more

The madness has arrived. In fact, it’s in full swing. The NCAA’s iconic Division 1 men’s basketball tournament began... more

Janitors are often underappreciated and overlooked. This is the rare glimpse inside the life of a janitor. more

Hip hop group Run-D.M.C.

Musical genres are constantly morphing, evolving, and most of all, fusing. Few fusion genres have dominated the music scene quite as much as... more

Assembly of freshmen in an auditorium

School is hard. Especially crossing the bridge from middle school to high school. It's a difficult time for freshman as... more

Two basketball players in game

Shane Hudson is a valuable piece on Spaulding’s boys varsity basketball team. He has been a major contributor to the team’s success in the last few seasons... more

Group of excited basketball players

With only a few seconds remaining in the Spaulding High School boys basketball game, Arie Breakfield drove into the paint and scored a clutch layup... more

Hockey players in game

Zack Shaw is a hockey player at Spaulding High School and talks about his views and what he does for the team. He says that some of his proudest moments are... more

Basketball player sitting on court with head in hands

The layup, the put back, the court storm, the controversy. What drama. If you attended last Friday’s NHIAA Division 1 quarterfinal between Portsmouth and Spaulding... more

Student at basketball game wearing robe and holding a pot of coffee

As long as high school basketball has existed, old men have insisted that layups and free throws are the most vital shots to a team’s success. Layups are the closest shot to the basket ... more