SHS Raider Report

An empty New Hampshire parking lot

Suburbia. We are living in a suburbia, of sorts. more

Black box with white text reading "Taken For Granted"

Right now we realize more than ever how many little things we have taken for granted. more

Those who were already in a state of loneliness have to go even deeper into it because of social distancing. more

People wearing surgical masks and coats in a big city

March 12th, 2020 will likely go down in history as the day the whole planet came to a standstill. more


Photography and video production with Justin Discoe is quite an experience. more

Side by side pictures of NBA players LeBron James and Michael Jordan with text overlayed reading "Bron or MJ?"

To determine what makes a player the greatest of all time, it is much more complicated than who was the better player during their time. more

Nelson Mandela, 2009

One of my favorite conspiracy theories is the Mandela Effect, which I believe might be the first one I ever heard. more

Defensive end Julian Okwara

Going into this year’s NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have significantly more holes in their team than they have seen over the past few years. more

Frontal view of Spaulding High School

I am going to delve into the different things that could be considered good about our school. These examples include... more

There are many basic ways to get fired from a job, but why not make it fun? If you despise your place of employment and it makes life miserable, you should never go out the easy way. more

Hand holding a phone opened to a folder labelled "Social Networks"

Spaulding High School has implemented a new cell phone policy this school year that completely eliminates the use of cellphones during classes. more

In Mr. Moses’ D-Block, a survey about how homeroom time could be better spent was given to a small number of students. The survey questioned whether or not homeroom should be teaching students about basic things they will need to know when they enter the adult world. more

Football player for Utah State about to make a pass

Every year the offseason seems to be a time of doubt and pain for New England Patriots fans as every year it seems the Patriots lose multiple key pieces to their prior winning. more

Cover of "The Hate U Give", a book by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give follows a teenage girl named Starr... more

Although Edelman’s regular season stats throughout his career do not stand out, Edelman’s playoff stats... more

Some of the things you have been wondering about your teachers but shouldn’t ask them will be answered here. more

What really made summer back in 2016 so full of bliss for some people like this Instagram user, and myself? more

Aerial shot of Spaulding High School

Students, parents, and even teachers always stress that schools need to prepare their kids for life after high school... but is the administration of these schools giving the kids education the right way and making each class a useful tool? more

Cover of Fall Out Boy's 2018 album MANIA

The band is going on tour with Green Day and Weezer... more

Cover of Fall Out Boy's 2013 album Save Rock And Roll

With this album’s seventh anniversary coming up, I decided it is only fair to do an in depth review of it. more

New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s whole career has taken pay cut after pay cut after pay cut so he would have winning teams. more

The state of Maine has recently signed a new law allowing excused absences as mental health days for students. more

Spaulding High School employee Susan Crichton

In the 1970s, Susan Crichton worked at a hospital in Boston as a kidney transplant secretary. more

Do you know that one teacher, who everyone seems to know, even if they’ve never had them? To many students, this teacher is Peter Sajko. more

Student at work smiling and giving thumbs up

Let’s be honest, we have all dedicated an afternoon to “studying”, but when that one special person texts you, an exception is made, and the homework doesn't normally get completed. more

Could remote learning help to better blizzard bags days or even replace them moving forward? more

Whipped coffee drink

Quarantine has given me more time to try new things and among those things was switching up how I make my coffee in the morning. more

NFL quarterback Joe Barrow

The media, fans, and even people around the organization believe changes need to be made. It started last year... more

Stock photo of three girls holding books walking down a school hallway and engaging in friendly conversation

High school can be a pretty difficult time for some kids, especially the antisocial kids who don't really fit into a clique or have lots of friends to help them get through the mounds of stress... more

It has already been established long ago that those who are too scared to exit their comfort zone may not find what they might need to be happy in life. more

A survey was conducted on Mrs. Daly’s D Block, and Ms. Andrews’s D Block on January 30, 2020 on whether or not the classes that Spaulding High School deems necessary are actually needed. more

Frontal view of Spaulding High School

Three students from a previous interview on whether or not Spaulding High School students should have more say in their curriculum participated in a follow up interview that was more in depth and detailed. more

full bookshelf

After a small survey was run, it has become evident that many students believe too much work is given not only inside but outside of school as well. more

Spaulding High School's Red Raider mascot

The Spaulding Red Raiders have always taken great pride and respect in their mascot, but some people still find it offensive and believe we shouldn’t use it. more

Player for Boston Red Sox up at bat

In the world of professional sports, teams often spend years and even up to decades building or rebuilding their teams to hopefully compete at a championship caliber for several years. more

At times it may seem like being cooped up inside for long periods of time is complete torture for some... more

Silhouette of a cowboy riding a horse

Set in 1911, the first Red Dead game follows a cowboy and former outlaw named John Marston. more

Side by side pictures of the Spaulding High School cafeteria and the Spaulding Tech Cafe. Side by side pictures of the Spaulding High School cafeteria and the Spaulding Tech Cafe. Underneath these pictures is the word "versus".

Many chains welcome competition, as it keeps them on their toes, introducing new content to stay ahead of the pack. This, sadly, cannot be said for Spaulding’s two main food suppliers: OuR House Cafe, (The Tech Cafe), and the School Cafeteria. more

Football player for the Red Raiders on the field

In the recent Niche 2020 rankings, Spaulding High School ranked 49th out of 130 schools in New Hampshire for the best high schools for athletes. This is comparatively worse than rival schools such as 4th ranked Exeter and 16th ranked Portsmouth. more

Tyson Fury standing over Deontay Wilder in a boxing ring

After a long and eventful road to their heavyweight title bout, the rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder was finally brought to boxing fans across the globe. more

Young kid playing video games

Video games, no matter the genre, have become quite popular with the kids and teens of our society. more

If there is one thing that many students can agree on, it is that high school gets wicked stressful at times. more

The majority of students surveyed believed that community service should be required to graduate. Many of those who said that it should be required to graduate said they thought it was a good way to get a taste for the real world, along with a good way to help behavioral issues. more

Basketball player holding trophy above head, surrounded by other players, crowd members, and men in suits

The NBA All Star game was held February 16th this past Sunday. They created a new format to help raise money for charities, so they totaled points by each quarter and if you won that quarter you earned money for your supported charity. more

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in recent weeks, proper hygiene is an important factor in staying healthy. more

Student asleep with head on desk

Does your sleep schedule satisfy the amount of hours an average teenager is supposed to get? A lot of teens are well known for going to bed late, sleeping past alarms, and even sleeping in school. Do you know why? more

Map of the United States of America labelled with NFL team logos and the teams' regions of origin

NFL free agency, along with the draft, is one of the only chances an NFL team gets to drastically improve their team in a short amount of time. more

It is common for many adults these days to get on the younger generation’s health habits. Many complain about how they are always drinking energy drinks, never getting enough sleep and always sitting in front of a screen rather than going outside. more

There were a lot of things about remote learning that both students and teachers found difficult at first... more

Drawing of a cellular phone

Are you addicted to your cell phone? more

NFL quarterback Drew Brees

The coronavirus is a well-known illness taking the world by storm, but who knows, maybe there will be some good that comes from it? more

Split image with the Nike and Adidas logos

I was curious to find out Spaulding students’ view on these rivalries, and find out which is the most popular in our area. more

Walmart employee smiling at a customer

When working at a store like Walmart or Market Basket, you tend to see things that customers do where workers can’t help but get frustrated. more

There are many ways people can get on your nerves, but some things just make me so infuriated. more

It is a hard topic, but every teenager deals with it: depression and mental health. Teens go through a lot at their age. more

NBA logo

It is a shame that this article has to be written at all, nevermind at the beginning of the Spring season. Alas, this sad “what if” may end up being reality at some point. more

Microscopic view of coronavirus

To the underclassmen this short break may sound like a nice, relaxing way to destress and relax, but the class of 2020 sees it a completely different way. more

Joe from Netflix series Tiger King

A show called Tiger King has recently appeared on Netflix. It has taken over the internet and the world. more

Almost every teenager I know has all the social media: snapchat, instagram, facebook, tiktok, and twitter. more

Calvin Cambridge from the movie Like Mike

With the recent pause in the sports world, we have been left socially distancing at home watching some of our favorite sports movies. more

Black and white image of Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us

The Last of Us was released in 2013 to great success, but when will we get to see the next installment in the franchise? more

In the second half of the school year, students and staff beg for the end of the year to come quicker. Their begs were somewhat answered... more

Advertisement for Valve's Orange Box game package

My love for Valve games stems from purchasing The Orange Box years ago. more

Movie poster for The Blair Witch Project that is designed to look like a missing poster

The Blair Witch Project is a mystery/horror movie that came out in 1999. more

Students attending Spaulding High School have debated having blizzard bags since they started in the 2018/2019 school year. more

Paper sign that says "Athletic Training Room- Jon Mousette, ATC

It is safe to say that concussions are a part of any sports career... concussions occur very frequently, but is it handled seriously enough? more

NFL quarterback Russell Wilson

The 2020 NFL offseason brought many major power shifts of talent of players and teams throughout the league. more

Person bundled in blankets on a couch

If you were like me, you were pushing for the end of school and the beginning of quarant-ation (quarantine vaca). But honestly... more

NFL quarterback Tom Brady

When you think the Coronavirus is the worst thing going on right now for you… Think of Patriots fans. more

Quarantine has brought a lot of boredom to the world. With this newfound free time on my hands, I decided to try something new. more

Side by side comparison of original design versus final design of Sonic The Hedgehog from the 2020 film

A little over a month ago, Paramount had finally released the Sonic the Hedgehog movie out into theaters, and many Sega fans... more

Blizzard Bags are snow days in which students work from home. They were recently implemented so that snow days would be kept to a minimum, which meant fewer days students would have to attend school during the summer. more

We’ve all waited for that one movie to come out and in the end, it’s a total let down. Every film tells a different story, but some are better than others. more

Hulu original Solar Opposites

A few days ago, I began watching a new Hulu original called Solar Opposites. As soon as I had seen it was co-created by Justin Roiland, who’s the same co-creator of Rick and Morty, I knew I had to try it out. more

An iphone being used by someone wearing a blue shirt

According to data, most teachers do not think the cell phone policy has shown any improvement in student’s grades in Spaulding’s 19-20 school year. more

Pollutants are heavily affecting our environment from oceans, to parks, and even your backyard. more

Cover of Wilder Girls by Rory Power

Wilder Girls is a young adult (YA) somewhat dystopian debut novel by Rory Power. more

This question right here is the infamous debate that every dancer has with usually EVERYONE around them. more

This school year was unlike any other we have seen in previous years. The coronavirus brought the second half of the school year into a frenzy. more