School Staff List

Phone: 934-2245

Email: All members of the faculty and School Board may be contacted by email. Email addresses consist of the person’s first initial and last name followed by For example to contact Dr. Connelly the email address is

Principal: Brian Connelly Administrative Assistant: Niki Mahoney

Kindergarten: Kim Dickison Nurse: Karen Stafford

First/Second Grade: Anna Edwardson Food Service: Heather Darwin

Third Grade: Peter Kerouac Custodian: Vinnie Fortin

Fourth Grade: Aimee Moriarty Title I Teacher: Kathryn Temple

Sixth/Fifth Grade: Jason Frekot Speech Therapist: Judy Stoecklin

Special Education: Jenn Blake Occupational Therapist: Chris Dunstan

Art: Jude Wilcox C.O.T.A.:

Para-educator II: Pam Desrochers Para-educator II: Meryl Goldman

Physical Education: Stephanie Bendixsen Guidance Counselor: Susan Schultz

Music: Ellen Hayes