Faculty & Staff

School Staff List

Phone: 934-2245

Email: All members of the faculty and School Board may be contacted by email. Email addresses consist of the person’s first initial and last name followed by @sau103.org. For example to contact Dr. Connelly the email address is bconnelly@sau103.org. Click a staff name below to email a staff. To access your child's classroom website click on the "here" link following their classroom teachers name.

Principal: Brian Connelly

Admin Assistant: Debra Bouley

Kindergarten: Aimee Moriarty Class website

First: Anna Edwardson Class website

Second Grade: Kimberly Dickison Class website

3rd/4th Grade: Alicia Schaefer Class website

5th/6th Grade: Megan Patridge Class website

Special Education: Lindsay Langan

Art: Jude Wilcox

Para-educator II: Pam Desrochers

Para-educator: Christine Haney

Music: Ellen Hayes

Physical Education: Michael Silverstein

Nurse: Margaret Lohmann

Food Service: Heather Darwin

Custodian: Vinnie Fortin

Title I Teacher: Vivica Duffield

Speech Therapist: Judy Stoecklin

Occupational Therapist: Chris Dunstan


Para-educator II: Merryl Goldman

Para-educator: Karissa Whittemore

Guidance Counselor: Susan Schultz