Hill School Board Minutes 07.27.22 Approved.pdf
Meeting Minutes 8_17_22 approved.pdf
Hill School Board Minutes 1-4.docx.pdf
Meeting Minutes 04-12-22 Approved (06.15.22).docx.pdf
Meeting Minutes 05-18-22 Approved (06.15.22).docx.pdf
Final Meeting Minutes 03-16-22.pdf
Meeting Minutes 01-19-22 final.pdf
Meeting Minutes 2-16-22 Final.pdf
Hill School Board Minutes 1-4 Final.pdf
Meeting Minutes 12-15-21 Final.docx.pdf
Meeting Minutes 11-17-21 Final.pdf
Meeting Minutes 12-08-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 10-20-21 Final.pdf
Meeting Minutes 9-15-21 approved.pdf
Meeting Minutes 7-28-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 8-18-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 7-21-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 6-15-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 5-19-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 4-21-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 3-17-21.pdf
Emergency Meeting Minutes 3-30-21.pdf
Meeting Minutes 2-17-21.pdf
HSD Emergency Meeting Minutes 3-09-21 (03.12.21).pdf
HSB Meeting Minutes 12-16-20 (01.12.21).pdf
Meeting Minutes 1-20-21.pdf
HSB Meeting Minutes 11-18-20.pdf (01.05.21)
HSB Meeting Minutes 10-21-20 (11.12.2020).pdf
HSB Emergency Meeting Minutes 10-14-2020 (09-12-20).pdf
HSB Meeting Minutes 9-16-20.pdf
HSB 8-19 2020 Minutes (09.17.20).pdf
HSB 8-14-2020 Minutes (09.17.20).pdf
HSB 8-7-2020 Minutes (09.17.20).pdf
HSB 7-22-20 Minutes
HSB 6-17-2020 Draft Minutes.pdf
HSB 5-13-2020 Minutes.pdf
HSB 5-13-2020 Minutes.pdf
HSB 4-8-2020 Draft Minutes.pdf
HSB 4-8-2020 Draft Minutes.pdf
HSB 4-8-2020 Draft Minutes.pdf
HSB Emergnecy Meeting Minutes (03.15.2020).pdf
HSB 3-11-2020 Draft Minutes.pdf
HSB 2-12-20 Minutes.pdf
Community Questions on Budget to Add to Minutes (02.12.2020).pdf
hsb min 1-8-20.pdf
HSB 12-11-19 Minutes.pdf
HSB 12-11-19 Minutes.pdf
HSB 11.13.19 Minutes.pdf
HSB 10-9-19 minutes.pdf
HSB 9-11-19 minutes.pdf
HSB 8-14-19 minutes.pdf
HSB 7-24-19 minutes.pdf
HSB 6-26-19 minutes.pdf
HSB 6-12-19 minutes.pdf
5-16-19 minutes.pdf
4-10-19 minutes.pdf
3-20-19 minutes (1).pdf
2-13-19 minutes.pdf
HSB 12- 12- 2018 minutes.pdf
HSB 1-16-19 moved from 1-9-19 minutes.pdf
november 14- 2018 minutes.pdf
october 2018 minutes.pdf
Hsb min 9-12-18.pdf
Hsb min 9-26-18.pdf
Hsb min 6-20-18.pdf
Hsb min 7-11-18.pdf
Hsb min 6-13-18.pdf
Hsb min 5-9-18.pdf
Hsb min 3-21-18.pdf
Hsb min 4-11-18.pdf
Hsb min 2-7-18 moved to the 21st due to weather.pdf
Hill SB minutes 2-1-18.pdf
Hsb min 1-3-18.pdf
Hsb min 12-13-17 FINAL.doc.pdf
Hsb min 11-8-17withchanges.pdf
Hsb min 9-13-17.pdf
Hsb min 10-11-17.pdf
Hsb min 9-13-17.pdf
Hsb min 8-23-17.pdf
Hsb min 7-19-17.pdf
Hsb min 6-28-17.pdf
Hsb min 6-14-17.pdf