SAU 103

Welcome to SAU #103 Hill School District

I am so very pleased to be joining the Hill School Community as Superintendent and Special Services Coordinator. I am beginning to meet the exceptional staff and am discovering their incredible commitment to the education and well being of the Hill students. A Hill resident since 1975, I am also looking forward to meeting the children and their families as we begin our work together to support their continued educational achievement.

I bring with me over 40 years experience in education, most recently serving as Superintendent for SAU #71 for the last nine years. Increasing student achievement and fostering a positive school environment have been and will continue to be my main focus, along with continually supporting teachers and administrators to promote their knowledge and effectiveness of instructional strategies and student learning.

Assisting me in the SAU office will be Ms. Lisa Cross, who will be the Finance Manager. She brings over 13 years as a Finance Manager to this role and has earned high praise from School Boards and Auditors.

The Hill School Board is truly focused on turning the page as we embark on our individual SAU 103 path. Their unwavering goals are to have the Jennie D. Blake School become known for the high quality of the education and the enrichment opportunities we provide for our students. To that end they have adopted the following Board Goals for the 2017-18 school year:

Students at the Jennie D. Blake School will meet or exceed national norms for their grade level as determined by the NWEA assessment.

All students at the Jennie D. Blake School will demonstrate care and respect for themselves, other members of the school and community, and our school. The Administration will develop a plan for recognition and reinforcement of this positive learning environment.

Technology to enhance student learning will be part of instructional practices at all levels and will be evident in student work.

Efforts will be made toward the development and implementation of an enrichment program and increased opportunities for all students.

As a new school district, one of the goals for this this year is to have the Hill school community meet to develop what we want the Vision to be for education in Hill. We will be reaching out to pull together community input to develop that Vision and Mission. Please look for information regarding those opportunities in the school newsletter or memos from the Town Offices.

I invite you to come to the SAU 103 office to meet and share your hopes for the school. Call 603-934-2245 x 125 or 603-731-1087 or email me at to set up a time to meet.


Michele Munson, Ed.D.

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