College and Career Readiness

San Diego USD


Professional Development - March 2nd and 3rd - Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Elementary TK-5

College and Career Readiness for All

Students receive instruction in Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

Students gain opportunities for performance tasks in STEAM units. Units allow for design thinking using inquiry based models. NGSS standards are addressed and opportunities for reading, writing, and communicating are integrated in every task.

Students begin career exploration of STEAM careers in high priority sectors.

Middle School and

High School

College Readiness for All

Focus on student outcomes and student achievement. Students gain understanding of post-secondary opportunities and develop 4-10 year plans. Students meet a-g college preparatory requirements.

Career Readiness for All

Students have the opportunity to pursue a sequence of courses in a career related pathway. Students are offered experiences in a continuum of work based learning experiences including career awareness, career exploration, career training and career preparation.

What is a career-ready student?

Identifies possible career paths

Through understanding individual strengths, unique interests, passions, purpose, goals, and internal core values.

Career Paths begin to develop aligned to these essential elements of the individual for happiness, success, and service in the career.

Tools used to gain understanding of self:

Early Career Exploration, grades 6-12

  • Vita-Navis SuperStrong Assessment
  • CA Career Zone

Allows students to identify their possible career interests based on the Holland RIASEC codes. It is an engaging experience, available in multiple languages. User friendly, interactive, personalized results including a detailed analysis of their unique skills and ideal careers. Taken on a phone, tablet, or computer.

It also maps to careers and vocations, with real-time data from IPEDS, BLS, and ONET so students can explore different Career Pathways.

Rise Above skills for success

Standards for Career Ready Practice

21st Century Learning Skills

Habits of Mind

MHA Skills

Intent on increasing success factors for youth, MHA Labs designed a common set of easy-to-understand 21st century skill targets known as The Building Blocks. The Building Blocks comprise 35 core social, emotional and cognitive skills deemed critical for college, career and life success.

Social-Emotional Skills

Personal Preparation & Experience


Work Based Learning


High Priority Sectors - San Diego County

Industry sectors in San Diego County that have high and growing numbers of jobs that pay at least a self-sufficient wage at entry level.

Southern Border Region:

Education and Human Development

Energy, Construction and Utilities

Health Care

Public Administration

Local San Diego Priority :

In addition to our four regional priority sectors above, the SBR research team also identified three local priority sectors that recognize the unique economic drivers of each local area.

Advanced Manufacturing

Includes high-tech jobs in computers and robotics, Advanced Manufacturing includes diverse industries such as electronics, aerospace, fabrication metals, biotechnology and maritime.

Information and Communication Technologies

Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Industry Sectors - california

  • * indicates offered in San Diego Unified School District


Arts, Media, Entertainment *

Building, Construction Trades *

Business and Finance *

Child Development and Family Services *

Energy and Utilities

Fashion and Interior Design

Health Sciences and Medical Technology *

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation *

Information Technology *

Manufacturing and Product Development *

Marketing, Sales and Services *

Public Services *

Transportation *