Belt Test 1-9

You have completed your Recorder Basics and you are ready to begin playing Recorder Karate Songs! For each belt level, you have a video to watch. Keep watching and playing along with the tutor until you are playing the pitch and rhythms the same as she plays. Ask your parent or guardian to watch you play along with the tutor. Once they think you sound pretty close, then it is time to take a video of you playing that song. You do not have to memorize the songs! You can look at your music that I sent home with you! With each video that you submit, you have a 4-question quiz. The quiz is 20% of the grade and the video is 80% of the grade. You need a 70% to pass! Once I see your video and grade it, I will send your test score back to you.

Parents/Students, if you have issues sending the video, please e-mail me at

I am looking forward to seeing some great video shots of my young musicians in the making! Happy Playing!!!

Mr. Ward