5th Grade

5th grade is always a busy year for our Mustangs in every area. Music is no exception! They will continue learning music reading, writing and playing. We will continue use of Orff instruments, recorders and other classroom instruments. All 5th grade students will be part of the renowned Mustang Choir this year. Also, we are working on our instrument skills to present in concert as well. This is our first year to allow the entire 5th grade to be in the Mustang Choir. This is an awesome group and I know that they will do excellent work and you will enjoy their concerts!

5th grade class time is 1:20-2:05. We do block scheduling, so each student has music two days a week and PE two days a week. On Monday/Tuesday, 5th grade will learn Orff instruments and recorders. On Wednesday/Thursday, they will learn our songs for our concerts. On Fridays, students do half and half with PE/Music.

Mustangs will attend a special day at the end of the school year at Lee Middle School. They will select either band, choir or orchestra. They will not have mastered reading music before they leave here, but they will have a strong grasp on reading it so that they will excel when they go to Middle School.

3 Concerts to mark on your calendar now!

December 05, 2019 - Christmas Concert for Choir

March 26, 2020 - MId Spring Concert Non-Choir

April 23, 2020 - Spring Concert Choir