McGill Mustang Recorders

Using the Recorder Tabs, you will find instructions, lesson tutorials, tests, fun activities and more!

Parents: These 2 tutorial videos will help you to navigate your way through the Recorder tabs and how to submit your video.

Navigating Recorder Tabs.mp4

I have chosen to use someone else for the videos instead of myself. You guys see me all of the time! Enjoy.

You have a printed copy of the Recorder Karate songs that you are to learn and then submit your video test. You will see 9 tabs. Each tab has the tutorial video and then the test form. BE SURE THAT YOU DO THE ENTIRE TUTORIAL! She takes you through four steps to learn the song. If you do this with her, you will do wonderful.

It is very important for your learning process to keep the steady beat and play each note according to the value of the notes in the music.

Below is a form you may print to keep a record of your practice time. Please be sure to practice 5-15 minutes each day as a minimum to help you pass your recorder levels (belts) in Recorder Karate. Make a copy of the practice sheet. Turn this in every two weeks to earn lots of Dojo points. You must bring your recorders to class every Wednesday/Thursday! Doing so will earn you 2 Dojo Points. After the second time a student does not bring their recorder, they will begin losing Dojo Points. 1 point deducted for the 1st time, 2 points deducted for the second time, and so on.

3rd Grade Goal: For the spring concert this April, 2020, we want to feature 1-2 recorder songs. We need to finish our black belts by the end of February so that we can focus on our concert songs with the recorder.

Below is the form to print more practice sheets

Recorder Practice Sheet