2nd Grade Music

We have a fun time learning music and instrument use in the 2nd grade. We strive to learn the absolute pitches, A B C D E F G, their locations on the staff and we learn to use Kodaly Solfeggio, Do Re Me Fa Sol La Ti Do'

2nd grade class time is 8:10-8:55. We do block scheduling, so each student has music two days a week and PE two days a week. On Fridays, students do half and half with PE/Music.

M/W - Weiblen and first half of Francis go to music

T/TH - O'Briant and second half of Francis go to music

November 07, 2019, the 2nd grade and 4th grade will present the Veteran's Day Concert at 5:30 in front of the school. The Pancake Supper will be right after the concert and it's free!!!