Mustang Choir

Welcome to the Mustang Choir!

McGill students realize that it is a privilege to be in the Mustang Choir. We do our best to be ready for middle school music, whether their choice is choir, band or orchestra.

Our students in the past have always loved being part of the Mustang Choir and enjoy the concerts, tours and so much more. Many of our students have gone on to Lee Midlle School choir and competed in city & area competitions.

The Mustang Choir is the place to be!

Mustang Choir Concerts!!!

The Mustang Choir of McGill has a long standing reputation of singing excellence in our community. Several entities of San Angelo are always blessed to have the Mustang Choir sing for them on their annual Christmas Tour.

The Choir performs for the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. Sometimes they may sing for a school board meeting or other special events.

Our scheduled Choir Events for 2019-2020:

December 12, 2019 - Christmas Concert 6:30 in the gym

December 10, 2019 - Christmas Tour (all day)

April 23, 2020 - Spring Concert 6:30 in the gym

We may have a couple of other performances that are not on the schedule yet.

Attendance to all performances are mandatory .

These links are to some online videos of former choir performances!