Our local is having an election! Please see the information below on the two candidates running for local president. Specific voting information will be coming shortly!

Carmen Wasylnuik

Having taught in four Alberta school divisions, I can relate to teachers from across Alberta. I’ve worked in a variety of schools ranging from kindergarten through to grade 12 and from small, one class per grade schools to large ones that are bursting at the seams. Each school and community comes with its own unique challenges. Teaching children to read in grade one needs unique supports, as does junior high options, or a Math diploma course. My diverse teaching experience and extensive involvement in the Association make me an excellent choice for RVATA35 President, as I understand the variety of schools we have in our district and the many challenges we face daily.

My goal as RVATA35 President is for every teacher to feel heard and valued. I will work with you to ensure your concerns are understood. While realistically I cannot guarantee to solve all issues, I will be here to listen and bring forward matters that are important to teachers within our district and community. I want our teachers to feel their value to and in their membership to the Alberta Teachers’ Association. If you are part of our profession, you are part of our Association.

Since joining Rocky View in 2016, we have been led by strong female Presidents, and I plan to continue this pattern. Similar to Michelle, Andrea and Jenn, I am adaptable, focussed, and work well with others, listening with care and intent. Having served on two convention boards, I understand how meeting the needs of many different teachers can be a challenge. Chairing committees has strengthened my abilities in leading mindful meetings, working as a team and prioritizing tasks. Negotiating with school boards and liaising between locals and the Association, I am able to communicate and respond effectively with kindness and understanding. 

Amrit Nannan

I have been a strong vocal voice in our local for fourteen years and, with your support, hope to continue representing our teachers, as your president. My long history of advocacy has included being a member on almost every committee the local has to offer: CSR, Teacher Welfare, Negotiating Sub Committee, DEHR, Women in Leadership, ARA, PD and Convention — in addition to sitting on the provincial DEHR committee. This diverse grouping of local and provincial committees gives me a strong foundation of knowledge to do the work that’s required. 

My commitment to local and provincial committee work demonstrates my ability and willingness to work tirelessly to represent your interests. I will ensure that your concerns are addressed.

As local president I intend to continue to strengthen our local and will ensure that the services that our members need are streamlined to be efficient and accessible for all of our members. I will lead through action by:

1. Creating inclusive and diverse spaces that welcome all members

2. Collaborating with subgroups to promote equity and inclusion

3. Reconnecting members to the local through increased outreach both digitally and in person.

4. Create learning opportunities that help inform members on their rights and how the local and ATA can support them as an association

5. Invest in strategies and materials to empower CSRs to engage their staff and streamline communication

6. Lead through action 

I am committed to advocating for the needs of Local 35 members and creating opportunities for us to continue engaging with our Association. I will do the heavy lifting and help you reconnect with your local in manageable ways. Choose a fearless representative for the teachers of Local 35 by casting your vote for Amrit Rai Nannan. Visit www.electamrit.ca to connect with me or for more information.

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