Rockingham County Schools

Strategic Plan

 2023- 2024

Our Vision

Rockingham County Schools will empower each child to be a life-long learner, equipped to contribute in a changing, complex society.

Our Mission

Through effective relationships with family and community partners, Rockingham County Schools will provide a safe, dynamic, nurturing, and innovative learning environment in which each child has the opportunity to reach their highest potential. 

RCS Strategic Planning Committee Focus for the 2021-2022 School Year

How were these indicators chosen?  

The RCS Strategic Planning Committee reviewed all indicators, assessed them and then ranked them according to need.  These are the six top prioritized areas that the planning team agreed to be our focus. 

The LEA has reoriented its culture toward shared responsibility and accountability.

The school board and superintendent present a unified vision for district and school improvement.

The district proactively supports and emphasizes student-centered instruction by seeking solutions to remove barriers, including those related to policies, practices, and traditions.

The superintendent celebrates individual, team, and district/school successes, especially related to student learning outcomes.

The LEA designates a central office contact person that supports a cohesive and consistent implementation of the district’s vision for improvement.

The district allows school leaders reasonable autonomy to do things differently in order to succeed.

The district includes parent organizations in district and school improvement planning and maintains regular communication with them.

Dimension A - Instructional Excellence and Alignment

Dimension B - Leadership Capacity

Dimension C - Professional Capacity

Dimension D - Planning and Operational Effectiveness

Dimension E - Families and Community


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