Spanish A

This 7th grade class is the first part of Spanish 1. In other words, we study the material in one school year that level 1 students in high school complete in one semester.

Here is an overview of what we study in Spanish A:

Thematic Units

Unit 1: Personal and Public Identities

Essential Question: Who am I? How do I describe myself?

Unit Functions:

  • Greetings
  • asking for and giving biographical information - name, age, birthday
  • asking for and giving feelings
  • talking about where I and others live
  • asking for and giving likes and dislikes
  • identifying countries and continents where target language is spoken

Unit 2: Family and Friendship

Essential Question: How are we connected to others?

Unit Functions:

  • listing family members, activities
  • describing family, friends and pets
  • asking for and responding to simple questions about family, friends and activities
  • expressing likes, dislikes about activities
  • comparing activities
  • talking about celebrations

Unit 3: A Day in the Life

Essential Question: What do my actions say about who I am?

Unit Functions:

  • discussing how they spend the day – sports, music, meals, sleep, school, etc.
  • comparing their habits to those of others
  • making plans with others
  • stating ways that people help others