It's important to follow the Class Norms:

  • Look at the speaker
  • Involve yourself in the class activities
  • Stop the teacher when you don't understand or follow the Spanish conversation
  • Tune back in when your mind wanders
  • Everything in Spanish
  • No talking over the teacher or others

Listening is the primary means of acquiring language and it's also an important skill to develop for life!

Norms and Procedures

Procedures are ways of doing routine activities that help the classroom to run more smoothly so that we can focus on learning.

Procedures are not exactly rules, but repeated disregard of procedures can result in disciplinary action because not following procedures will affect learning in the classroom.

Speaking: This is a language class and we will work on speaking in the target language in class most of the time—90% is the national standard—that means that the teachers should be speaking in the language most of the time and so should the students.

Here is how we manage questions: If the teacher asks in Spanish students must answer in Spanish. If the teacher asks in English, students can answer in English or Spanish. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment and wait to be called on.

Here are a few key classroom procedures:

Before Class Officially Starts: Be in your seat and ready to work before the bell rings—usually this means having your composition book open and a pencil or pen in hand. On reading days, have the book you selected open and be ready to read. On days with a Hazlo Ahora (Do Now), which are most days, have your composition book open, a pen or pencil ready and begin working on the Hazlo Ahora.

At The Beginning of Class: You are considered tardy if you are not in class by the time the bell stops ringing. Any time you arrive late to class, seat yourself quickly and get started on the Hazlo Ahora. You are responsible for making up any activity that you missed. After two tardies, your parents / guardian will be contacted. The third tardy is an after-school detention.

At The End of Class: Class is not over until the bell dismisses you. Until that time, please stay in your seat and work. Do not put you materials away early, line up at the door or walk around the room. Before you leave, please make sure that you pick up any trash in the area around your seat and the chairs are lined up.

Restroom: You need to make sure to take care of your needs during passing time. If you have to go to the restroom during class, let me know at the brain break or during "turn-and-talk-with-your-neighbor" times. I will keep track of your frequency to the restroom during class, and if it becomes a habit, it will lower your academic responsibility grade. Talk to me privately if you have a medical need that prevents you from following this policy so that I can accommodate you.

Kleenex / Trash: Please wait until the brain break to get kleenex or throwaway trash.