There are many opportunities for students to lead in the classroom. Most students will have a leadership opportunity if they want one, and this will help things run smoothly and to show that we are all in this together.

Leadership Positions

Involved students in the classroom help create a community where everyone has a purpose, place, and a voice.

Here are some of the few leadership positions available:

Lights / Door Controller: Opens and closes the classroom door when noise from the hallway is too loud, to control ventilation or lessen distractions coming from our classroom when we are doing a noisy activity. Turns on / off the lights for videos.

Attendance Director: Takes attendance on clipboard so that teacher can enter it into computer. Must arrive on time and know everyone’s names.

T.A.P. Points Writer: Keeps track of the TAP points every day, but especially at the end of class. Writes the total on the poster. Must remind the teacher or the class will get no points, because points do not carry over from day to day if they forget to ask and record them.

Spanish Timer Uses a stop watch to keep track of continuous minutes in the target language in class. In level I, every eight (8) continuous minutes in the target language is one TAP point.

Norms Director: Uses a clicker to keep track of the norms that students need to work on each day. Reports the total at the end of class to the T.A.P. Points Writer.

Password Manager: Helps teacher listen for correct password from students as they arrive to class. Holds the reminder card and praises the use of the password.

Materials Manager: Distributes any materials to class that is needed: whiteboards, markers, papers, etc

Office / Errand Runner: Takes any messages as needed to office or elsewhere. When teacher is gone, takes attendance from substitute the office.