Spanish B

This 8th grade class covers the thematic units in one school year that level 1 high school students complete in the second semester.

Here is an overview of what we study in Spanish B:

Thematic Units

Unit 4: Healthy Lifestyles

Essential Question: What is a healthy lifestyle?


  • expressing preferences for foods and beverages
  • comparing school lunches/ breakfasts from around the world
  • giving advice for better health
  • advocating for healthy behaviors

Unit 5: Schooling around the world

Essential Question: Why is education important?


  • comparing school schedules from around the world
  • describing classrooms and schools from around the world
  • talking how students get to school

Unit 6: Vacation Time

Essential Question: What is an ideal vacation?


  • asking and answering questions about past, present and future vacation plans
  • describing weather
  • giving opinions about vacations
  • naming items needed for a trip